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Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay Research & Faculty Members

Electrical Engineering IIT BombayIIT Bombay is one of the most sought after Indian Institutes of Technology. It is known for excellence in various departments. Electrical engineering is one of them. Several students aspire to pursue electrical engineering from IIT Bombay each year however only a few manage to secure a seat here. Here is a look at what the department of electrical engineering IIT Bombay has on offer:

Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay – The Largest Department

Interesting Facts About IITs

Interesting Facts About IITs

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are ranked among the top engineering institutes in the country. Each year lakhs of students appear for their entrance examination but only a few are able to make it to these esteemed institutes. While this is something that most of you may already be aware of about IITs, here is a look at some of the interesting and lesser known facts about IITs.

  • IITs were established on the basis of an interim report. The final report was never submitted by the Sarkar committee.

How Can I Improve My Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE?

Organic Chemistry For IIT JEE

Organic Chemistry is one part of Chemistry which the students either love or do not want to study at all. It is a section that is totally based on concepts. If you put in a little efforts to clear your concepts you will find it easy and enjoy studying organic chemistry. However, if you do not put in the required efforts initially and tag it as difficult you will never be able to work on it. Here is the approach you must take to prepare for organic chemistry for IIT JEE.

  • Begin With the Basics

From 2018, CBSE Boards to Begin a Month Early

CBSE BoardsThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to conduct Class X and XII board exams a month earlier from the next session that is 2018-19. So the exams would be conducted in February instead of March. This move is a part of the reforms aimed at “error free evaluation”. The evaluation process has lately come under the scanner owing to its glaring errors. Under this new process, the CBSE is planning to employ the best of the teachers to evaluate the answer sheets of the board exams.

Mechanism of Muscle Contraction

Mechanism of Muscle ContractionThe muscles in our body are made of huge number of muscle fibres. These muscle fibres are arranged in a number of small groups. Each of these groups comes under the control of a single motor neuron, the axon that sends a terminal branch to every fibre of the group. Now, the muscle fibres in a group contract whenever a nerve impulse goes to their motor neuron.

When a muscle gets stimulated it is followed by a short period during which it takes up the stimulus. Then it contracts and becomes short and thick. It relaxes and stretches after a while.

Top IIT-JEE Faculties in Kota.

Top IIT-JEE Faculties in Kota

Etoosindia has joined hands with some of the top JEE faculties in Kota to offer the best IIT JEE coaching to students living in different nooks and corners of the country. The aim of online coaching is to ensure that a large number of students get access to professional guidance for the preparation of this tough entrance examination. Etoosindia does not only provide professional guidance at your door step but ensures that you get to learn from the best of the lot so as to be on the top. Here is a look at the top JEE faculties in Kota who have collaborated with Etoosindia to impart top quality education to the engineering aspirants.

Etoosindia Result for IIT-JEE Main & Advanced

Etoosindia aims at providing JEE coaching to aspiring engineers living in every nook and corner of the country. It has nurtured the dreams of several such students by providing them quality education in the past and this year has been no exception. Etoosindia Result in JEE Main 2017 is worth appreciation. The institute saw a success rate of a whopping 73%.

EtoosIndia 2017 Result:

Etoos result

Out of the 8,540 students who enrolled for coaching at Etoosindia as many as 6,234 have qualified for the next level examination that is JEE Advanced. Devansh Garg and Tushar Gautam enrolled for Etoos india’s online programme are among the top JEE 2017 rankers. They have secured JEE Main All India Rank of 33 and 38 respectively.

Time Table for Class 9th and 10th

Time Table for Class 9th and 10thClass 9th and 10th are the stepping stones for your future. The concepts learned in class 9th help in learning those taught in 10th better and it goes without saying why performing in the 10th standard is important. The marks obtained in class 10th board exams determine the stream you will choose and also, to a large extent, the career path you will tread on in future. It is thus essential to follow a systematic approach while studying to prepare thoroughly for your exam. The time table for class 9th and 10th shared here should help you in this direction:

Distance Learning Program for JEE and NEET

Distance Learning Program for JEE and NEETDistance learning programs are definitely one of the best ways to prepare for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET and other competitive examinations. This is because your time of preparation for these examinations mostly clashes with your CBSE exam preparations. You require coaching to prepare for both the exams and if you join the conventional coaching classes to seek professional guidance for different subjects to prepare for both these examinations then it would be immensely difficult for you to squeeze in time for self study and other important activities you need to carry out during the day.

Etoos Scholarship Programs

Etoos Scholarship Programs

Etoosindia launched online coaching for CBSE, IIT and NEET so as to ensure that expert coaching for the preparation of these tough examinations reaches every nook and corner of the country. However, this is not it! To make the courses all the more accessible to the aspiring engineers and budding medical professionals, the institute has launched scholarship programs that offer immense discount. Here is a look at the various Etoos scholarship programs and the criteria to avail the same:

  1. Etoos Scholarship Programs for Class 10th (CBSE)
  • 10 CGPA: 50% off
  • CGPA between 9 and 10: 45% off
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