1 Month to go for JEE Main 2016: Time Management and Proper Strategy are the Key

With less than one month to go for JEE Main 2016, it is time to gear up and work hard to crack this exam and get admission in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. However, this is also the time when most students get nervous and anxious and are clueless about how to make the most of the time left. If you too are confused on how to go about things at this crucial time then the information shared here should come handy.

You just need to set two things right – Manage your time efficiently and follow a proper strategic plan. Let us learn how:

Manage Time Efficiently
Effective time management is the key to success. Now, this is the time when all you IIT aspirants especially need to be particular about managing your time efficiently as you cannot afford to lose even a second of these last few days leading to the exam. It is best to prepare a time table and stick to it. The schedule you prepare should be such that you do not only have enough time to revise your lessons but also have adequate time to relax and catch up proper sleep.

Prepare a Strategic Plan
Preparing a strategic plan will help you out at this time. It is the time to revise your chapters. Do away with the various guidebooks that you have and stick to your handwritten notes for revision. Also lay stress on the important topics at this critical time. Besides revising, you must also squeeze in time to give at least one mock test each day. This would help you identify the topics you need to brush up on. It is also a good idea to go for group studies every once in a while. This will not only help you assess your knowledge but also keep you updated with the latest about the exam.
Lastly, stay calm and wear a positive attitude. Good Luck!

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