10 Significant Discoveries of 2016


Scientists worldwide are constantly engaged in exploring and discovering new things. Like each year, 2016 also saw many noteworthy discoveries in various fields including science, astronomy and medicine among others. Here is a look at 10 of the most significant discoveries of 2016.

1. CO2 turns into Solid State Under the Ground
Scientists have long been researching ways to lower the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It was only last year that it was found that carbon crystallizes into solid state when buried under the ground.

2. Solar Energy from Raindrops
The scientists at Qingdao have found that solar energy can even be generated from raindrops. This is possible with the help of a recently invented solar cell prototype.

3. Earth has a tiny second moon
As per NASA, earth has a second moon though it is very small in size. As per the findings, a tiny, insubstantial asteroid named 2016 HO3 has been trapped in our planet’s orbit and it will stay here for centuries to come.

4. A New Ninth Planet in Our Solar System
Astronomers at the California Institute of Technology have reported evidence about a huge icy planet beyond Pluto’s orbit. As per the study conducted by the astronomers, this planet is likely to be five to ten times larger than Earth.

5. Proxima b
A rocky Earth-sized world named Proxima b has been discovered orbiting Proxima Centauri. It is around 4.3 light years away from here. Evidences point out that Proxima b may be habitable.

6. Venus may have been a habitable planet
As per the recent studies conducted at NASA, Venus might have had shallow liquid-water ocean and a much cooler surface temperature billions of years ago that may have made it habitable.

7. Walking Fish
Scientists at the New Jersey Institute have discovered a Taiwanese Cavefish that can crawl on the walls like reptiles. These fishes move absolutely without sight and were found in the dark caves of northern Thailand.

8. Dinosaur Tail Feathers Found
A dinosaur feather that once belonged to a coelurosaur (a family of dinosaurs that includes modern birds and tyrannosaurs) around 99 million years ago has been found in amber.

9. Giant Marine Crocodile
The fossils of a giant marine crocodile, reportedly the largest ever, have been discovered in an African desert. Based on the study of its fossil skull and other bones, it seems that it grew up to be more than 30 feet long and weighed as much as three tons.

10. Stem Cells can Heal Stroke Patients
Researchers have found that using stem cells can improve the health of chronic stroke patients significantly without causing any side effect.

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