13 Most Innovative Schools in the World

More and more schools these days have begun using innovative methods for imparting education, incorporating discipline and maintaining the overall environment. However, the innovations used at the 13 schools mentioned here are unmatched. Let us see as to why these schools are known for their unique and innovative ideas.

Big Picture Learning, Providence, Rhode Island
Unlike most of the other schools, Big Picture Learning does not focus majorly on the theoretical aspect. Rather, it gives exposure to the real world. Students are encouraged to explore their passion by linking them with mentors who work in that particular field.

Brightworks School, San Fancisco
This school encourages the students to explore and express. It allows the students to play with things that should be kept away from them – under of course the supervision of the teachers. They work on the philosophy that exposure to risks helps enhance creative thinking and problem solving ability of the students.

Innova Schools, Peru
Different techniques including tech-heavy online learning, group work and guided lessons are used to impart education to the students in this school. Half the time is set aside for guided online education and the remaining is spent in giving conventional training.
As many as 29 Innova schools have been opened across Peru.

Clairemont Elementary School, Decatur, Georgia
It is known as one of the first expeditionary learning institutions in the country. The school uses highly effective instructional methods to help improve the understanding of the students.

Visitacion Valley Middle School, San Francisco
The school has come in the limelight owing to its meditation program. In association with the Centre for Wellness and Achievement for Education, the school has come up with the idea of squeezing in some quite time for the students each day. This helps in boosting their confidence level as well as the power to concentrate.

Blue School, New York
It focuses on both creativity and compassion. Founded as a play group, it soon grew into a full-fledged educational institution. The students’ creativity is honed by involving them in different unique activities such as creating 3D models.

Quest to Learn, New York
This school uses a unique way of teaching under which the students practice absolute value and integer operations by using card game. The students are made to understand that play and work co-exist.

P Tech High School, Brooklyn, New York
Launched by IBM, this school aims at providing thorough technical training to the students to make them ready for the corporate world. As Stanley Litow from IBM puts it, the school offers “a clear pathway from school to career, giving young people options that they could not imagine, and directly advancing the nation’s economy.”

Vergennes Union High School, Vergennes, VT
Among the several innovations that this school is known for, the most appreciated one is the one that allows the students to take part in the Walden Project. Under this project, the students are given the opportunity to explore and analyse the real world and find out as to how they can contribute to it.

Makoko Floating School
Located in Lagos, Nigeria, this school has a triangular frame and is three stories high. The school that can accommodate up to 100 students was constructed to keep the rising water level in the lagoon at bay. Spread across 1000 acres, this is an all ages school that serves as communal learning space.

Carpe Diem Schools, Ohio and Indiana
The students are made to sit in a proper office space that includes individual cubicles. They are engaged in solo projects to help explore their individual interests. Professional-level workshops are conducted to give wings to their passion.

Samaschool, San Francisco, California
The school has especially been built to help the adults get what they truly deserve. Adults struggling to find jobs are imparted digital and entrepreneurial skills here. There are different courses to choose from.

Sra Pou Vocational School, Sra Pou Village, Cambodia
This all ages located in Cambodian was put in place to help the community members understand the technique to turn their passion into their profession. It has helped many locals chase their dreams.

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