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Friday, 29 January 2016

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True Story of an IITian

Thousands of students appear for JEE each year but only a few are able to make it to the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology. Aman Goel is one such student who stayed determined all through and was finally able to crack the tough JEE Main and Advanced to become an IITian.

Goel, a B.Tech student at IIT, Bombay, fell in love with the campus and its surroundings the moment he entered there. He knew how hard he had worked to be a part of this prestigious educational institute and also realised that he required working even harder to attain the engineering degree here. Goel was inspired to become an IITian when he went to IIT Kanpur with his school in class IX. He began his preparation for the same after giving his X board exams. He joined a good coaching institute near his place to start with the preparation. “At any cost I want a 2 digit rank in JEE”, he said to himself and began preparing for it. He knew that it meant putting in immense efforts and sacrificing on many things including your social life and other activities but he was ready to do that as he knew that a few years of hard work can shape his career the right way.

This IIT Bombay student understood that staying motivated and focused was the key to success. The driving force for him was his parents. He wished to make them proud. Goel did planning for the next day a night before and stuck to his plan. He believed that long term plans often failed and it is best to plan just for the next day and the strategy worked for him. In order to clear JEE you must not only be thorough with the concepts of all three subjects but must also know how to apply the concepts and you can learn the art only by practicing. This IITian strongly believed this and thus practiced continually in order to hone his problem solving skills.

Goel dealt with all the three subjects differently in order to prepare well for them. He did not stick to just one book or study material. He figured out as to which topic is explained well in which book and referred to multiple books for preparation of each subject. He also solved JEE sample papers and gave mock tests to test his knowledge from time to time.

His hard work, dedication and the right approach helped him score 323/360 in JEE Main 2013 and secure 33rd rank all India in JEE Advanced 2013.

True story of an AIPMT Topper

            If you are aiming to sit for AIPMT to secure a seat in one of the best medical colleges in the country then you need to tread on the lines of last year’s topper Vipul Garg. Garg, the son of a bag seller in Jind, Haryana, topped the AIPMT examination in 2015. His success story is an inspiration for aspiring medical students. Read on to find out how he covered the vast AIPMT syllabus and cracked this tough competitive examination despite all odds.

Garg, who cracked this exam at the age of 17, studied at New Holy Public School, in Jind district’s Uttam Nagar area. He was given a fee waiver for his further schooling when he scored a perfect 10 CGPA in 10th standard and also given a scholarship for medical coaching. This bright student made the most of the opportunity that came his way. He joined a good coaching institute to seek expert guidance and prepared a strategic plan to study all the three subjects. Garg solved several AIPMT sample papers to test his knowledge and improve his speed. He studied with utmost dedication all through and scored as high as 695 out of 720 in AIPMT.

"It is a dream come true for me and my parents. I have always scored well in my exams but securing the first position in a medical entrance exam is not something I was sure of. I had performed well in the earlier test too but when it was cancelled I was disheartened. But later I used the opportunity to work on my weak areas”, shared Garg who aspires to become a cardiologist.

Well that’s inspiring, isn’t it? It simply shows that you can make it to the top if you have the will and determination!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Extra Boost for Scoring High in Exams

          So you are planning to sit for JEE 2016? Chances are that you have already covered the entire syllabus and started with the revision part by now. If yes, then you are on the right track. In order to be thorough with your subjects it is essential to revise and re-revise each topic several times at this crucial point. In addition to this, the following can give a boost for scoring high in your exams:

Mock Tests
Etoosindia.com provides online mock tests designed as per the JEE pattern. Try to solve as many of these as possible within the stipulated time in order to enhance your speed as well as understand as to where you lack.

Study Material
IIT JEE study material available at Etoosindia.com is all inclusive and is written in a language which is easy-to-understand. Go for this study material to ease your revision process.

Sample Papers
Go through the JEE sample papers to get a better idea of the examination pattern. Solve these in these last few months to test your knowledge and brush up on the topics you are still weak in.

Previous Year Paper and Solutions
Get the first hand knowledge and experience of the JEE exam by going through the previous year papers. You get these solved and that too at no cost at all at Etoosindia.com.

Video Lectures
Video lectures are also a great way to boost your score. Studying continuously from the books can be quite tiring. IIT JEE video lectures, especially those available at Etoosindia, are much more engaging and keep your interest alive for long. These also help you grasp the information more easily. There are many free online video lectures available on Etoosindia.com. Make the most of them to prepare efficiently for your exam.
All these will help you prepare better and give you an edge over the other students appearing for this tough entrance examination!

JEE: The Examination Day

JEE preparation begins long before the day of examination. You study hard and make all the possible efforts to get through the exam to seek admission in your dream college. Whether you are going to give JEE Main or Advanced, all your efforts can go down the drain if you do not take care of the below mentioned things on the day of the exam.

Revise Your Lessons
Wake up early on the day of your exam to run through the entire IIT JEE syllabus. Refer to your hand written notes for revision at this time. This will help you memorise your lessons.

Eat Well
What you eat impacts your mental as well as physical health. To stay fit through this crucial day it is suggested to eat healthy. Have something like a glass of milk, a bowl of cornflakes, banana or fresh fruit juice to stay energised. Avoid oily, fried and fatty food items.

Leave Timely
Leave timely so as to reach the examination hall well in time. Don’t carry any books for revision and steer clear from any negative discussions. It is time to keep calm and relax.

Read the Instructions
Read the instructions carefully as soon as you receive the question paper in order to know what is expected. The pattern and marking style may be different from previous years’ papers. So do not take this part for granted.

Begin Instantly
Once you are through with the instruction part, begin answering the questions instantly. Remember you just have 180 minutes and there are a host of questions to be answered.

Don’t Panic
Don’t panic if you come across a difficult question. Also don’t waste much time figuring out the answer. Leave it if you are not sure about the answer and move on to the next one. You can always come back to it later when you are done with the rest of the paper.

Keep a Track of the Time
Do keep a track of the time. Keep checking if you are heading right or need to speed up in order to complete the paper on time.

Go through the entire paper once you complete it to cross check the answers and also ensure that you haven’t missed out on any question.
Lastly, stay focused and keep a positive attitude! Good Luck!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

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CBSE Crash Courses by Etoosindia

Etoosindia, the pioneer in online education, does not only provide excellent online coaching for JEE preparation but also offers CBSE crash courses to help you prepare for your CBSE class XII exams. CBSE crash courses for physics, chemistry and maths available at Etoosindia.com have been delivered by faculties who have years of experience in the field and excel in their respective subjects.

Online video lectures delivered by these faculties explain the concepts of all the three subjects in a way that they are easy to understand. These lectures do not only help you score high in your CBSE exams but also lay a solid base for those of you aiming to seek admission in the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology. These lectures are available in DVD, USB, mobile as well as VOD. You can choose the medium you prefer and view these at a time and place suitable to you to prepare for your examination.

Watching these video lectures offers you the feel of sitting in a real classroom type environment. The advantage here is that you get expert guidance sitting at your home. So you do not have to waste any time in commuting. Besides, video lectures, it is also suggested to refer to CBSE online study material available at Etoosindia. It includes all the content required for preparation of your exams.

If you still haven’t tried the CBSE crash courses by Etoosindia, then it is time to opt for them to prepare well for your exams!

Understand the AIPMT Exam Pattern

Besides thorough knowledge and clear understanding of the concepts you must also be aware of the examination pattern in order to crack the tough AIPMT. Even a well prepared student can go blank looking at the question paper if he isn’t aware about the examination pattern beforehand. The information shared here should help you understand the AIPMT exam pattern properly:

Type of Questionsa
The question paper consists of multiple choice objective type questions. Each question has four options to choose from. You need to mark the correct option. The question paper is available in both Hindi and English language.

No. of Questions
There are 180 questions in total of which 45 questions are from Physics and Chemistry each and a total of 90 questions are from Biology.

Each correct answer helps you score 4 marks and 1 mark is deducted for every wrongly answered question. The exam is conducted for a total of 720 marks.

Duration of Exam
The exam is conducted for duration of 180 minutes.
It is suggested to check and solve AIPMT sample papers or give mock tests available on Etoosindia.com to understand the examination pattern better. Besides, taking these tests will help you understand as to which topics you need to brush up on and also improve your speed.

Monday, 25 January 2016

IIT JEE Video Lectures are the Best Way to Score More– Research

         It is often debated whether students preparing for competitive exams such as JEE Main and Advanced should opt for online coaching or go for the conventional classroom training. A research conductive to figure as to which type of coaching is better shows that IIT JEE Video lectures are the best way to score more in this tough examination. Here are the findings:

Ease of Viewing More than Once
One of the main advantages that IIT JEE video lectures offer over the offline classes is that these can be viewed several number of times. Yes! Unlike an actual classroom where one topic is covered just once or at times may be twice on special request, online video lectures offer you the ease of viewing any topic i.e., attending your online class for the same topic any number of times. This means you can study at your own pace.

Designed by Industry Experts
JEE video lectures such as those provided by Etoosindia.com have been designed and drafted by the top JEE faculties from Kota. These faculties have been helping IIT aspirants attain their goals since years and are thus aware as how to put their point across in order to ensure that the students understand it well. Moreover, they are also aware as to which topics require more attention and which ones just require a run through. The video lectures delivered by them have been prepared keeping all this in mind.

Ease of Studying Anywhere and Anytime
You do not require scheduling your entire day around your coaching class. With JEE video lectures at hand you can choose your study hours. You are free to view the lectures during that part of the day when you can concentrate best in order to make the most of them. Similarly, you can also choose your place of study. You do not require wasting time in commuting to your coaching institute each day.
Well, looking at the advantages it offers IIT JEE video lectures are certainly the best way to score more in the JEE exam. No wonder the number of students opting for these lectures is increasing tremendously with every passing year.

Role of IIT JEE Online Coaching in Clearing JEE

          Online coaching is an emerging concept. While the actual classroom training has been yielding results since years, more and more students these days are opting for online coaching especially for the preparation of competitive examinations such as JEE, AIPMT and the likes. This is owing to the fact that online coaching offers numerous benefits over the offline classes. In case, you are indecisive of whether to go for IIT JEE online coaching or the conventional classroom training then the information shared here would help clear your confusion. The role of IIT JEE online caching in clearing JEE has been explained here at length.

IIT JEE Video Lectures
When you opt for IIT JEE coaching online, you get a set of video lectures for different topics/ chapters. These topics are delivered by the industry experts and offer a feel of sitting in a real classroom like environment. The advantage here is that you can view/ attend your lectures as many times as you want in order to be thorough with them. You don’t need to interrupt the entire class or waste your time waiting for your teacher post the class to clarify your doubts. In online coaching, you have your coach with you all the time.

IIT JEE Study Material
Online IIT JEE coaching portals such as Etoosindia.com offers all-inclusive study material covering the entire syllabus. From detailed theoretical notes to formula sheets to question bank with solved answers, this study material acts as a complete guide. You do not require referring to any other book or notes for preparation of JEE if you have this study material.

IIT JEE Mock Tests
Online coaching institutes such as Etoosindia offer a number of mock tests designed as per the JEE pattern. It is suggested to solve as many of these as you can as these tests would not only give you a fair idea about the kind of questions asked in the exam but will also enhance your speed to help you manage your time efficiently during the exam. Besides, you will also be able to figure the topics you need to brush-up on.
In addition to this, online coaching offers you the ease of studying anytime and anywhere which is another big plus!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

JEE Preparation: Online Coaching Vs Offline Classes

       With so many notable JEE coaching institutes helping IIT aspirants crack the tough JEE Main and Advanced year after year, it is hard for the students to ignore the high quality education they guarantee and their success rate and settle for the newly emerging concept of online coaching. However, given the advantages it offers many students are going for this new style of coaching and are quite content with their decision. Let us learn about the various benefits online IIT JEE coaching offers over the regular classroom coaching.

Flexible Timings
The biggest advantage that online coaching offers over offline classes is the flexibility to choose your study hours. You are not bound to reach your class at a set time each day no matter what and schedule your entire day around your class timings. Online coaching offers you the flexibility to study at a time suitable to you. This is especially a boon for those who are still schooling or have started working as it is hard for them to manage time to attend the offline classes.

Not only is online coaching available at a comparatively affordable rate but it also helps you save on your commuting charges as well as other expenses you need to bear if you go for offline classes. It is particularly beneficial for the students who require relocating to a different place to seek JEE coaching.

Time Saving
It goes without saying that online coaching helps save a lot of time. In order to attend your offline class you need to leave your books or whatever important task you are doing at least one hour before the class in order to get ready and travel to your coaching centre. Almost the same amount of time, if not more, is waste on your way back. However, it is not so when you opt for online coaching. You can spend all this time studying or in some other productive task.

Flexibility of Place
You have the flexibility of studying at a place of your choice when you choose online coaching. You can choose to sit in that part of your house where you can concentrate best. It can be your study room, balcony, staircase or any other place. Moreover, you wouldn’t miss out on your class even in case you require travelling. You can take your online video lectures along and study on the go.

Flexibility of Pace
You may or may not be able to keep pace with your offline classes and if you aren’t able to do so then you are in for a serious trouble. Offline classes follow a set schedule and cannot be customised keeping your calibre in mind however you get this advantage in online coaching. You can decide as to how much you want to study in a given day as per your ability to grasp.

Now, when going for online coaching do not just settle for any online coaching centre. For IIT JEE coaching online it is suggested to go for Etoosindia.com. The institute based in the hub of IIT coaching, provides coaching from the industry experts. It has achieved a remarkable success rate and is thriving to increase it year after year.

Preparation directions for JEE Main and Advanced 2018

       So you are aiming JEE Main and Advanced 2018? Well, you have enough time to prepare for it and spare ample time for revision if you begin right away. If you are clueless about how to begin looking at the vast syllabus, we are here to guide you on how to go about it. You need to follow a step by step approach in order to succeed in this tough exam. Here is how:

Plan Your Schedule
Divide your time in a way that you get enough time to cover each and every topic in all the three subjects. While you cannot and should not leave out on any topic, there are certain topics that are comparatively more important from examination point of view. Consult your teachers or seniors to figure out as to which topics carry more weightage and devote more time to these.

Follow the Schedule
Merely preparing a plan is of no use if you do not follow it. Make sure you follow your plan diligently in order to achieve the set goals every day. In case you feel that the plan prepared is too strict and you are unable to follow it even after pushing yourself to the limit then it is suggested to revise it. Prepare a workable plan and stick to it. Identify that part of the day when you can concentrate best and study during those hours.

Seek Online Coaching
Going for a regular coaching class can be quite time consuming. Online coaching is thus gaining immense popularity among students these days. We highly recommend you to seek online coaching as it saves a lot time which can be used in constructive tasks. When it comes to JEE online coaching, Etoosindia is no doubt the best choice. The pioneer in online coaching has teamed up with the best faculties from Kota to provide you thorough training in all three subjects and help you crack the exam.

Prepare Notes
Begin preparing notes for the theoretical part from the beginning. This is because firstly it is easier to memorise your chapters when you jot down the points as you read them and secondly these will come handy as you sit down for revision.

Test Your Knowledge
Test your knowledge from time to time from the initial stage itself. This will help you understand as to how well you are preparing for the exam and where you are lacking. You can solve last years’ question papers or sample papers or better still go for JEE mock test available on Etoosindia.com. These tests will give you a fair idea about the examination pattern and also help you manage your time efficiently to complete the exam within the given duration.

Take Proper Diet
It is imperative for you to watch what you eat all through your preparation time. Your eating habits will directly impact your health and stamina. Have a balanced diet full of all the 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Top Coaching Institutes in India for Engineering, Medical and other Competitive Examinations

              Thousands of students appear for different competitive examinations each year in order to seek admission in different prestigious colleges to pursue the courses of their choice. The number of students appearing for these exams is increasing by the year and a number of new coaching centres are being inaugurated in order to accommodate them. However, not every coaching centre in the country can provide you the kind of training required to get through this tough examination. Here are some of the best coaching institutes in India that train you efficiently for engineering, medical and other competitive examinations.

Forum for Indian Institute of Technology and Joint Entrance Examination or FIITJEE, as it is popularly known as, was founded by IIT alumnus, Mr. D.K. Goel. JEE and NTSE aspirants can enrol in different programs based on their class in order to seek specialised coaching to crack these tough examinations.

Aakash Institute
Aakash Institute offers coaching for engineering and medical entrance exams in India. Around 80,000 students seek admission in this institute each year in different parts of the country. It has more than 100 study centres across the country and an excellent success rate.

Bansal Learning Private Limited
Set up back in 2007, it presently has over 15 branches in the country. Initially the institute provided coaching only for the Joint Entrance Examination however over the years it has started providing training for medical and other competitive examinations as well. The institute also conducts a talent search examination each year to provide scholarships to students who perform brilliantly.

Allen Career Institute
This is one of the best coaching institutes for JEE Main and Advanced and AIPMT exam. It also trains students for Olympiads and NTSE exams. The institute based in Kota has been giving good results ever since its inception. Several aspiring engineers and doctors relocate to Kota each year to seek coaching from this institute.

Brilliant Tutorials
Another trusted name when it comes to seeking coaching for competitive examinations such as IIT JEE and AIPMT. It has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are dedicated towards imparting quality education to its students. The institute has helped several students get through the tough IIT JEE and AIPMT exams.

When it comes to online coaching, no other institute can beat the brilliance offered by Etoosindia.com. The pioneer in online education has joined hands with the top faculties from Kota to train you to get through the tough JEE and AIPMT exams. AIPMT and JEE online coaching is gaining popularity among students owing to the numerous benefits it offers over the regular classroom training.

Prime Medical Entrance Examinations in India Today

        Several students aspire to get admission in top medical colleges of the country each year however they require undergoing a tough entrance exam in order to attain a seat in these prestigious educational institutes. Here are the main medical entrance examinations held in India presently. Students across the country get admission in medical colleges based on their performance in these exams.

All India Pre-Medical Test conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education is held to give admission in MBBS and BDS courses in different colleges of the country. It comprises of two exams. The preliminary exam is held in early April and the final exam is conducted in the mid of May. Each of these exams is held for duration of 3 hours. It is essential to score at least 50% in 12th standard to be eligible to give this exam.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) conducts an independent medical entrance examination for Bachelor of Medicine and MBBS. It is conducted in June every year.
General candidates having Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects need to secure an aggregate of 60% or above in class 12th or under 10+2 education scheme in order to appear for this exam. SC, ST and OBS students are required to have an aggregate of at least 50% in class 12th or under 10+2 education scheme.

Dr. D.Y. Patil University also offers BDS and MBBS courses. All India Entrance Test (AIET) is conducted in order to select efficient students for the seats available in the university. The exam is conducted for duration of 3 hours and is mostly held in May.
General and OBC candidates must score a minimum of 50% in 12th standard and SC/ST candidates should have an aggregate of 40% in order to sit for this test.

BHU-PMT, the short for Banarad Hindu University All India Pre-Medical Test, is held to give admission in MBBS, BDS and BAMS courses in the prestigious Banaras Hindu University. The candidates are tested at two levels. An objective type exam is held in May and a subjective type is conducted in June each year.
Candidates having an aggregate of 50% or above in 12th standard can sit for this exam.
Apart from this, KAIET conducted by Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University, NEET conducted by CBSE, CMS Vellore Common Entrance Test conducted by Christian Medical College, Vellore and DPMT conducted by Delhi University are among the other prime medical entrance tests conducted in India.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

AIPMT Follow these tips and remember every concept you study

           Competitive exams are hard to crack and AIPMT is no exception. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to crack this examination. However, merely enrolling in a good coaching institute and spending long hours preparing for the exam does not help. You need to work smarter. Confused? Well, we are here to help you! Here are a few smart tips that shall help you retain your chapters easily and give you an edge over the others:

Prepare Notes
Don’t just read through your guide books, study material and the notes narrated in your
coaching class, jot down the important points to prepare your own notes. Writing down the points side by side does not only help your mind grasp the information more easily but also helps you concentrate better. Besides, these hand-written notes are extremely helpful during revision.

Chunk-Up Information
It is difficult to comprehend and grasp lengthy sentences and paragraphs. In order to understand and retain your chapters it is suggested to chunk up the information that is break it into small points.

Meditation boosts your power to concentrate. Set aside some time for meditation each day. It would help you de-stress and calm down so that you can focus better.

Use Image Descriptions
It is easier to retain information when you have its imagery in mind. So it is suggested to use an image description to remember any problem or formula you find difficult to grasp otherwise.

Identify the best time to Study
While it is said, that early morning hours are the best time to study, this formula may not work for everyone. This is because everyone is born different. While some are morning larks others are night owls. Find out as to which time of the day you can concentrate best and plan your day accordingly to make the most of your time.

Seek Online Coaching
It is suggested to seek online coaching such as that provided by Etoosindia.com.  It offers you the ease to study at a place and time suitable to you.  Also you do not require wasting any time in commuting to your coaching centre.

6 Reasons to Choose Online Coaching for AIPMT

             AIPMT is no doubt one of the toughest competitive examinations held in India. Thousands of students sit for it each year in order to seek admission in the top medical colleges in the country. However, the seats are limited and only a few are able to get through. There is a lot of hard work that goes into its preparation along with a bit of a smart work. One smart technique that many medical aspirants are using these days is to study online. Here are 6 reasons to choose online coaching for AIPMT:

Study at Your Preferred Time
When you opt for online lectures, you have the option of choosing your time of study. You can very well go ahead and seek online coaching at that time of the day when you can concentrate better. Also there is no need for you to plan your entire schedule as per the timings of your class. It is especially beneficial for those of you who are still schooling or working and have many other commitments to fulfil.

Study at Your Preferred Place
You do not have to relocate to a different city or spend time commuting to your class every day if you go for online coaching. With this you can study sitting in your room, your terrace, a nearby cafe or any other place of your choice. It also gives you the flexibility to travel whenever need be. You don’t have to miss your class in case you require travelling for a few days for some reason. You can watch online video lectures on the go.

Study at Your Own Pace
You have the online video lectures for different courses and subjects at hand. Now, you can choose as to how much time to devote to each topic. You can go back to a particular topic and go through the lecture again if you do not understand it in one go. You can also choose as when to stop running the lecture. You do not have to sit through it unnecessarily on days you are tired or low and cannot grasp much. Similarly, you can club a few topics you find interesting or easy and finish them up in a single day.

Test Your Knowledge Regularly
You do not require waiting for your teacher to take your test in order to see where you stand. Give online mock tests as you complete each topic to know as to how much you have grasped.

Save on Your Time
Since you would not be required to commute to a different place every day in order to attend your class, you will be saving a lot of time. Choosing your clothes, dressing-up, looking for conveyance and travelling to the coaching class likely wastes a lot of time which can otherwise be utilised in some constructive work.

Save Your Money
Not only can you seek online coaching at a comparatively lesser rate but you will also save the money spent on commuting. Those of you who require relocating to a different place to undergo coaching would particularly save a good amount of money as you will not have to bear the hostel charges as well as various other charges that one needs to bear while staying away from home.
When looking for online coaching for AIPMT, Etoosindia is certainly one of the best options. The institute has tie up with the top AIPMT faculties from Kota. The online video lectures being provided by them have been designed and delivered by these learned faculties. So you get trained by the industry experts. It is also suggested to give Etoosindia’s online mock tests from time to time to test your knowledge.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry is trying to formulate a National Authority for Testing (NAT) for students who wish to get an entry into the various Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Before sitting for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), the candidates will have to appear for the NAT.The first task of NAT, which is expected to come up soon, would include conducting tests in the latter half of the year. The candidates who are interested to appear for JEE will be short listed on the baiss of the scores obtained in NAT.
          A committee constituted by the IIT council recently recommended changes to the entrance examination structure for these prestigious institutes, including the setting up of a National Testing Service. According to the changes, the testing service would conduct exams that would act as a basis for short listing around four lakh candidates for JEE.
          Many of the recommendations of the Ashok Mishra-led Committee of Eminent Persons (CEP), which submitted its report to the government on November 5, last year, were aimed at weaning away IIT aspirants from coaching institutes. The JEE, which is being conducted for the last few years in two parts: Mains and Advanced, might be converted into a single entrance examination.

Source- IndiaToday


Early morning studies are better than late nights

         Indecisive about whether you should study until late at night or get up early in the morning to prepare for your exam? Well, this is one question that haunts most of the students. While the best time to study largely depends on the personal preference of an individual, many theories prove that early morning studies are better than late night. Let us learn why?

Fresh Mind
Your mind is fresh after taking a good night sleep. It is sharper at this time and can absorb more information as compared to other parts of the day.

Less Distraction
It is that time of the day when there is no hustle and bustle on the roads outside and also the time when most members of your family are likely sleeping. There is thus little or no distraction during this time. So you can study uninterrupted.
Better Concentration
As per our ancient science, Ayurveda, the level of concentration is maximum during the Brahmi Muhurtha that is around half an hour prior to the sunrise. It is actually true since your mind and body are both relaxed and fresh and you exude more energy during this time.
Coaching and other Activities
If you have already finished studying your lessons as per your schedule early in the morning then you can carry on with the other plans you have for the day without any worry. Early morning study is especially good for those of you who need to attend coaching classes or indulge in exercise as it is difficult to sit and concentrate after all this when your body is exhausted.

However, having said that we would also like to mention that not everyone has a good control over his/her wake up time. If you cannot wake up early and are already following your late night schedule efficiently then do not force yourself to change it!


Study by Plan, Not by Number of Hours

           A common question that most JEE aspirants have is as to how many hours a day they should study in order to succeed in this exam. Many people suggest you to study for 6-7 hours each day while others will advise you to study the entire day taking short breaks in between if you are really serious about getting admission in one of the top engineering colleges of the country. While many students follow such suggestions and spend long hours studying but are still not able to get through this tough exam while others spend just about a few hours and manage to crack it. Ever wondered why? Well, this is because you need to have a good study plan in order to cover the syllabus rather than going on studying for a fixed number of hours each day.
          You need to follow a methodological approach in order to succeed in this exam. Preparing a strategic plan is the first step towards this. Only when you have a well prepared plan would you be able to understand as to how much time you require to cover the entire syllabus. This will also help you understand as how much time you will be left with for revision and how much time you should devote for giving mock tests. Merely studying by hours will deprive you of all this. Without a plan you would just not know as to where you are heading towards. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind in order to prepare an effective plan:

w  Devote equal time to all three subjects every week.
w  Your plan must have enough time for theory as well as numerical.
w  Plan to take up one lesson you find difficult with one or two that are easier to grasp every day to strike a balance.
w  Set some time aside to give mock tests
w  You must revise your lessons regularly in order to retain them. It is thus imperative to set some time for revision every week.
w  Squeeze in some time to exercise and rejuvenate yourself each day.
w  Your plan should be such that you take at least 6-8 hours of sleep each day.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


           If you are planning to sit for IIT JEE, you must be aware that you need to study dedicatedly in order to be thorough with the syllabus. While studying hard is important it is essential for you to know the right way to study in order to crack this tough examination. Here are some useful hints that shall help you come out with flying colours in IIT JEE 2016:

Hard Work is the Key
There is no substitute for hard work. The more you study and practice the better you shall be able to perform in your examination. Schedule your time efficiently so as to give proper time to each topic and study hard to cover the entire syllabus for all three subjects.

Revision is a must

No matter how well you study your chapters you would not be able to retain them if you do not revise them from time to time. Schedule a time for revision every week and dedicate the last few months purely for revision.

Lay Stress on Important Chapters

Though it is essential to study the entire syllabus thoroughly, there are certain chapters that are comparatively more important from the exam point of you. Find out about such chapters and topics for all three subjects and devote more time on these in order to ensure that these are on your tips. 

Prepare Notes
You would not like to go through your books and study material at length as you sit for revision at later stages. It is thus suggested to prepare notes as you go through different topics so that you have them handy at the time of revision. 

Seek Online Coaching

 Instead of spending time and energy on commuting every day to reach your coaching centre, it is suggested to seek online coaching. The concept is getting popular among the IIT aspirants as it offers the ease of studying at a time and place suitable to you. Etoosindia.com is among the pioneers in online JEE coaching. The institute has collaborated with top JEE faculties from Kota to provide you expert guidance sitting right in the comfortable confines of your house. 

Take Mock Tests

It is essential to test your knowledge from time to time in order to figure out your weaknesses and strengths. This will not only help you understand as to which topics you need to brush up but will also improve your time management skills. There are a number of mock tests available on Etoosindia.com. Take these tests to test your knowledge and hone your skills.



           You start getting advises on how to crack IIT JEE from almost everyone around the day you fill up the form to appear for this competitive examination. You are suggested to enrol in a good coaching institute, study as hard as you can and mug up all the books and study material available in order to crack this exam. However, there are a lot of other things that you need to pay attention to in order to succeed. Here are a few secret tips that would help you crack IIT JEE 2016:

Prepare a PlanPlanning is of utmost importance. If you are able to prepare a good plan considering the syllabus to be covered, the time available and your calibre and follow it diligently you are sure to succeed.

Stay DeterminedThere will be topics that you will find difficult to understand but don’t give up on them. Seek help from your teachers, peers or refer to guide books and online lectures to clarify your doubts. Your attitude determines your success to a large extent. It is thus important to wear a positive attitude and stay determined to achieve your goal.

Eat Right
Many students dismiss this point as irrelevant which is a big mistake. What you eat impacts your overall health and stamina. To a great extent, it determines as to how many hours you can study and how well you can concentrate. Oily, fried, sugary items and aerated drinks can make you feel lethargic and sleepy on the other hand fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, almonds, raisins and milk are among a few things that boost your energy and allow you to study efficiently for long hours.

Sleep Well
While it is essential to study hard in order to succeed and many of you may get up early or stay up until late night to learn your lessons, studies prove that you would not be able to grasp well if you do not take at least 6-8 hours of sleep in a day. It is thus important to sleep well for the mentioned time every day.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, we totally agree to this. While it is important for you to push yourself to the limits in order to succeed in this tough competitive examination it is suggested to squeeze in some time to exercise or meditate each day in order to rejuvenate. Or simply take out some time to just be with yourself. If talking to your friends or meeting them is what helps you unwind then do that every once in a while. All this would energise you and help you concentrate better.


Monday, 18 January 2016

JEE 2016: To-do list before the exams

You need to make an effective plan in order to get through the tough Joint Entrance Examination. The preparation should begin a year or two before the exam and you need to stay determined all through. However, no matter how well prepared you are for the exam you are bound to feel stressed before the examination and this can work against you. Here are a few things you should do before the exam to keep the last minute woes at bay:

Pack Your Stuff
Your pen, pencil, ID card and all the other essential items required during the examination should be packed a day before the exam. In fact, you should even choose and set aside the clothes that you are planning to wear on the examination day a night before to avoid unnecessary hassle on the day of the exam.

Sleep Well
Close your books well in time a night before your exam and take a good 6-8 hours sleep to wake up fresh on the day of your exam.

Eat Well
Avoid junk food at this time. Oily, fried and sugary items can impact both your mental as well physical performance negatively. Do not consume such items a night before the exam as well as before going for it. Coffee and aerated drinks must also be avoided.

Get up early on the day of the exam and run through your notes for a quick revision. Leave your books post that as anything you read after that would only lead to confusion.

Leave Timely
It is important to leave for the examination centre well before time so that you do not get late for the exam. You should have enough time to relax and calm yourself after reaching the centre before you sit for the exam.

Stay Away from Discussions
There is a lot of stress and panic around the examination halls. You may see students discussing the answers to different questions. Avoid being a part of such discussions as this would only add to stress and anxiety. 

Keep a Positive Attitude
Your attitude impacts your performance to a great extent. Do not think about failure, stay positive and you will certainly do well in the exam.

JEE Preparation in last 3 Months: Strategy to score more

With IIT JEE 2016 being less than 3 months away the pressure is bound to increase for those preparing to appear for it. However, feeling pressurised and stressed would only add to your burden. It is important to relax and handle the situation tactfully. Strategic planning can help you score good in the exam.
You must have studied the entire syllabus at least once by this time. Do not look for any fresh material now and begin your revision preferably from the notes you have prepared so far. Begin with the portion you marked as difficult and seek help if you are still stuck somewhere with it. Each subject is different from the other and you cannot make a generalised plan for all three at this crucial time. Here is a separate strategic plan to follow in the last 3 months in order to crack this examination.

Physics is one subject that most JEE students count on. In order to score high in Physics you need to be thorough with the basic concepts and practice well. 
Going by previous years’ trend Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism are given more weight-age in JEE. Questions are also asked from topics such as Waves, Fluid Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Modern Physics. It is thus time to focus more on these topics.

It is essential to be thorough with the chemical formulas in Chemistry. Prepare a sheet of all the formulas and keep it handy. Take a glance at the formulas regularly to memorise them.
As per the previous years’ exams higher weightage is given to Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions, Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry, Chemical Binding, s-block Elements, p-block Elements, Solid State, Solutions and Colligative Properties, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes and Ketones, Co-ordination Compounds, Chemical Equilibrium and Ionic Equilibrium. So devote more time to these topics in these last months. 

The basics of Mathematics should be clear to you by now. It is time to enhance your ability to solve the problems more and more quickly and this can only be done if you practice well. Try solving all kinds of problems and set timelines for yourself to improve your speed.
You must particularly practice and be well-versed with Vector Algebra, 3-D Geometry, Integration, Probability and Statistics, Trignometric Ratios, Complex Numbers and Parabola. Keep a sheet of formulas handy to revise them again and again.

It is also the time to solve previous years question papers and give as many mock tests as you can for all three subjects in order to know where you stand. This would not only give you an idea about the topics you need to brush up but also help you manage your time well during the examination. Etoosindia.com has made available a number of JEE mock tests on its site. Solving these would give you an edge over the others. This online coaching portal also provides topic based video lectures, so if you are still feeling doubtful about any topic then you can opt for these to understand them properly from the top faculties from Kota.


How to crack IIT JEE in 1 year?

IIT JEE is one of the toughest competitive examinations held in India. Students aspiring to enter the top engineering colleges in the country begin their preparation way before this exam however only a few are able to get through it. Ever wondered as to how some students crack JEE in a single attempt while others are unable to do so even after multiple attempts? Well, this is because they lack good planning. If you prepare a proper plan and are determined then you can crack IIT JEE in just 1 year. Here is how to prepare the right way!

Devise a Plan
Planning is of utmost importance. Get the syllabus and divide it to understand as to how much time you would require spending on each topic keeping in mind that you have just one year to cover it all. Keep the plan handy. The best way is to stick it at a place where you can take a glance at it easily.

Set Achievable Goals
Just preparing a fabulous plan is of no use if you do not or cannot adhere to it. Set goals that are achievable and test how much you have grasped from time to time by taking mock tests such as those available on Etoosindia.com or solving previous years’ papers. Prepare formula sheets for quick revision. Also keep marking the portions that you find difficult to work harder on them. 

Know the Areas that require more Focus
While you need to be thorough with the entire syllabus, there are certain portions that require more attention. For instance in chemistry you must pay special attention to analytical chemistry, reaction mechanism and thermodynamics. In maths you must devote a good amount of time on Algebra and Calculus and in physics you must especially revise and re-revise mechanics.

Seek Online Coaching
Online coaching is getting more and more popular owing to the fact that it allows you to study from anywhere and at anytime. Etoosindia is one of the most popular online coaching platform for JEE preparation. The institute has collaborated with some of the best faculties from Kota to provide you expert guidance and a real classroom experience.

Eat Right
Besides this you must also make sure that you eat right. Avoid oily, fried and sugary food items as these leave you lethargic. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to keep fit.

It is not a good idea to study continuously for long hours. Take a break to unwind and rejuvenate. Sleep well and also squeeze in some time to exercise. All this would improve concentration and help you study better.
If you follow all these tips religiously then you would not require more than a year to crack JEE!


Best Preparation Materials for IIT JEE Main and Advanced 2016

While the NCERT books for physics, chemistry as well as maths cover the JEE syllabus and you must have heard your peers and seniors saying that if you are thorough with the contents of these books you stand a high chance of clearing this tough competitive exam however you will seldom see an IIT aspirant sticking merely to these books. Additional guides, sample papers and other study material are required to ensure that you do not miss out on any information. Study material provided by Etoosindia is undoubtedly one of the best available in the market. Here is why you should go for it:

Prepared by Top Faculties
Etoosindia has tie-up with some of the best JEE faculties from Kota, which is the hub for IIT coaching. The study material being provided by them has been designed and drafted by these learned and experienced faculties. So you get the content prepared by the industry experts which is bound to be better than that available by other sources. 

Easy to Comprehend
Since the faculties designing the material have years of experience in preparing the students for this exam they are well aware about the best way to put their point across.  The study material available at Etoosindia is thus easy to comprehend. Not just the language, the technique used to explain various theories and other stuff is also extremely simple. 

Readily Available
You do not have to squeeze in time from your hectic schedule to hop from shop to shop looking for this study material. It is readily available online. Just log on to Etoosindia.com and purchase it.  

Available at Affordable Rates
Like many other JEE Main and Advanced books and study materials, the one available at Etoosindia wouldn’t dig a hole in your pocket. With this, you get expert guidance sitting at home and that too at an affordable rate.


Why is it Important to Take IIT JEE Online Mock Test 2016?

Merely attending JEE coaching and going through chapter after chapter would not help you understand as to how much you have grasped and where you lack? For this you need to test your knowledge from time to time and what can be a better way to test it than giving mock tests. If you are still not convinced then the following reasons should help you understand as to why it is important:

Examination Pattern
Online mock tests such as those available at Etoosindia.com have been designed by some of the top JEE faculties from Kota. These faculties have years of experience in the field and are well-versed with the examination pattern. The mock tests designed by them are in-line with the JEE examination pattern. Resolving these give you a first-hand experience about the examination pattern which is extremely essential.

Time Management
Since the IIT JEE online mock tests give you a fair idea about the examination pattern, you get to know as to how to begin your exam and how much time you can afford to spend on each question so as to complete your paper in time. Sitting for online mock tests regularly and attempting them in a stipulated time further increases your speed.

Knowledge Enhancement
Apart from understanding the examination pattern and enhancing your time management skills, attempting these mock tests will also help you understand as to which topics you lack in. So you can devote more time on such topics or seek professional guidance on the ones you still find difficult to brush them up.

Tricky Questions
Many questions put during the JEE exam are quite tricky and you may go blank looking at them even if you are thorough with your syllabus. By giving mock tests you will be able to understand as to how to go about these twisted and tricky questions. So you will take less time to resolve these problems during your exam