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Monday, 29 February 2016

Quick Tips to Score Good in Biology CBSE Class 12th Exam


It is true that those who work hard all through the year fetch good grades however even those of you who haven’t been working hard consistently from the beginning can score good if you follow the tips and tricks shared here. These have especially been shared by Mrs. Geetanjali Lamba, who works as a Biology Teacher in Vision Valley School, Kashipur, Uttarakhand.

By February, the students should begin solving the sample papers or mock tests. They should sit at a stretch for 3 hours and give these tests to practice better. Solving at least one paper each day (one subject a day) at this crucial time is highly recommended as:

It increases both speed and efficiency.
Helps the students frame the answers better.
It gives a good idea about the examination pattern and how to go about it
It helps you understand the topics you are weak in.

Solving the question papers at the same time as you are required to sit for your board exam, i.e., between 10:30 and 1:30 for the entire month leading to march will help you concentrate better and think quickly at this time. Researchers state that this way your mind will remain more active during this time and hence you will perform better in your exam.

Besides, it is suggested to prepare a time table and set aside enough time for revision. You must study 3 subjects each day including 2 major subjects and 1 minor (language or optional). Study the difficult subjects during the time you are fresh and can concentrate better. You can practice diagrams or read your English/ Hindi subject stories during the times you feel you cannot grasp much. Also do not ignore your health. Eat nutritious food, get adequate sleep and take short breaks in between to relax and refresh your mind.


Opportunities for IITians and the Role of IITs in Building their Future

Why do thousands of students seek admission in the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology each year? Well, the answer is simple. The learning and experience offered here is impeccable. Studying in any of these reputed institutes means taking the first step towards a bright career.

IIT graduates and post graduates have a large number of career opportunities waiting for them. The top scorers get campus placements right away and there is no dearth of opportunities for the rest of the lot either.

IITs are not limited to imparting just technical knowledge, these institutes also offer courses in Management studies, Science as well as Arts. The opportunities for IITians thus vary based on the course they choose. Let us have a detailed look at the various career opportunities that await the IITians:

Information Technology
Several top software firms look forward to employ IIT graduates to fill their computer and software engineering posts. Based on their skill and interest they can choose to be a part of the programming team or provide technical support or develop new operating systems.

Those who pursue management courses from the institute can easily grab management jobs here based on the field they specialise in. IITians are excellent when it comes to strategic planning, data analysis as well as execution of tasks and thus make for excellent managers.

IITians are known for their quantitative skills and analytical bent of mind. These are among the two main qualities that finance companies seek in their personnel. They are thus glad to offer them different finance related roles.

This is one field which is always open for IITians irrespective of their field of specialisation. Having thorough knowledge about their subjects, IITians are known to make perfect teachers who do not only impart knowledge to the students but also inculcate discipline in them.

IIT Committee makes sure that the education imparted in the Indian Institutes of Technology is at par with the latest requirements of the market. The committee suggests changes from time to time to ensure that the IITians stay ahead of their competitors.


Saturday, 27 February 2016

Have dreams? Then wake up to fulfill them!

School and college days are the most memorable days in ones life. While you must enjoy these days to the fullest, it is important for you to study with equal determination in order to take your life in the right direction. If you have dreams then don’t let them go. Take charge of your life and do your best to fulfil them.

It has been seen that many students have good grasping power and also nurture big dreams however there is something that keeps them from fulfilling them. Ever wondered what it is? It is the lack of proper time management. The necessity to set a schedule and work in accordance to it is often overlooked by students, which is wrong. Whether you nurture the dream of getting admission in one of the top engineering or medical college or make it big in any other stream, the first thing you need to do is to set your schedule right. This is the first step towards disciplining your life. The points shared here must be kept in mind while preparing a schedule in order to make it workable:

Get a Calendar
Mark the days you need to spare for things other than your studies such as wedding of a close one, school/ college trip, farewell party, etc. Now, divide your syllabus in a way that you are able to cover it all in the remaining days and are also left with enough time for revision.

Identify Your Study Hours
Identify that time of the day when you can concentrate your best. Do the learning and revision part during this time as you will be able to grasp your lessons quickly at this time. Written work can be handled at some other time of the day.

Squeeze in time for Rejuvenation
If you study for long hours at a stretch then your power to concentrate tends to dip and you aren’t able to grasp much. It is thus essential to take short breaks in between in order to refresh your mind. Make sure you have enough room for these breaks in your schedule. Also squeeze in 25-30 minutes for exercise every day.

Seek Online Coaching
Online coaching helps save a lot of time. It does not only give you the ease of studying at a time suitable to you but also saves the time spent on commuting. Several students have thus switched to this all new way of getting expert guidance.

Don’t Ignore Your Sleep
Your schedule must be such that you get adequate time to sleep. Lack of 6-8 hours of sleep a day can lead to poor concentration and may even affect on your health adversely.



Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. They sacrifice their comfort and act at the right time to build a successful tomorrow. Numerous students sit for tough competitive examinations such as IIT JEE and AIPMT each year to seek admission in top engineering and medical colleges of the country however only a few are able to get through. What sets these students apart from the rest is their ability to stay determined and work hard continually amid all odds. Here is the success story of one such student aimed to inspire you to work harder.

Pranay Agarwal, last year’s JEE Main Topper, was determined to crack the tough Joint Entrance Examination to study in one of the esteemed Indian Institutes of Technology. He did his best to do so and the rest as they say is history!

Pranay, who scored 341 out of 360, was confident that he would be able to crack the JEE Main exam but admitted that he hadn’t thought of scoring so well. In an interview post his success, he shared as to how he deactivated his Facebook account and did away with his mobile for several months just so that he could concentrate wholly and solely on his upcoming exam.

He started preparing for this exam when he was still in class IX. Besides seeking coaching from a good institute Pranay devoted a lot of time for self study. Initially, he squeezed in 2-3 hours for self study however soon he increased it to 5-6 hours. He made sure that the study material provided by the coaching institute as well as the NCERT books were on his tips. “I used to remind myself not to lose concentration. It is also very important to know your strengths and weaknesses. I have always tried to convert my weaknesses into my strengths”, he stated in the same interview.

Pranay also admitted the fact that preparing for your CBSE board exams and studying simultaneously for JEE can be extremely difficult and just like any other student he too got nervous and anxious at times however he is grateful to his parents who supported him all through and motivated him to keep going. They often advised him to take a break and play outside which helped him de-stress and concentrate better.

He shared that during the exam he attempted the easier questions first and then moved on to the difficult ones and this helped him solve the paper efficiently within the given time frame.

Well, his story is yet another reminder that if we are determined enough to achieve our dreams then there is nothing that can get in the way of our success. So don’t just dream, go ahead and fulfil them because it is now or never!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Chapterwise Weightage of AIPMT Paper

There is no denying the fact that it requires ample of hard work and dedication to crack the tough AIPMT and seek admission in one of the best medical colleges in the country. However, while hard work is the key to success, a bit of a smart work is also required alongside to get through this competitive exam. Among other things, one smart move is to understand the weightage of different topics in your syllabus and prepare accordingly. Here is the unit-wise weightage for all three subjects.

  • Ecology: 14.44%
  • Cell Biology: 8.89%
  • Genetics and Plant Phyiology: 7.78% each
  • Plant Diversity: 6.67%
  • Application Biology and Plant Morphology: 5.56% each
  • Animal Kingdom, Reproduction in Flowering Plants and Human Health and Disease: 4.4% each
  • Body Fluids, Human Reproduction, Evolution and Circulation: 3.33% each
  • Biomolecule, Digestion & Absorption, Neural Control & Coordination, Plant Anatomy, Excretion & Osmoregulation and Locomotion & Movement: 2.2% each
  • Breathing Exchange of Gases, Structural Organization in Animals, Chemical Control and Coordination: 1.11% each

  • Thermodynamics: 13.33%
  • Modern Physics – 11.11%
  • Work, Power and Energy: 8.89%
  • Current Electricity and Rigid Body Dynamics: 6.67% each
  • Electromagnetic Field & Force, Geometrical Optics, Semiconductor Devices, Simple Harmonic Motion, Wave Optics: 4.44% each 
  • Alternating Current, Capacitance, Centre of Mass, Electromagnetic Induction, Electrostatics, Fluid Mechanics, Friction, Gravitation, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Properties of Matter, Rectilinear Motion, Relative Motion, Sound Waves, Units and Dimensions: 2.22% each

  • Organic Chemistry: 35.6%
  1. General Organic Chemistry (GOC): 11.1%
  2. Reaction Mechanism: 6.7%
  3. Carbonyl Compounds and Hydrocarbons: 4.4% each
  4. Aromatic Compounds, Polymers, Chemistry in everyday life and Basic Principles and Techniques (POC): 2.2% each

  • Physical Chemistry: 33.3%
  1. Atomic Structure and Solution & Colligative Properties: 6.7% each
  2. Chemical Kinetics: 4.4% each
  3. Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, Mole Concept, Solid State, Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry and Thermodynamics: 2.2% each

Inorganic Chemistry: 31.1%
  • Chemical Bonding: 8.9%
  • D Block, P Block, S Block and Coordination Compound: 4.4% each
  • Metallurgy and Periodic Table: 2.2% each


5 mantras to crack CBSE Board Exam


Board exams are the first major exams in a student’s life. To a large extent these help in deciding the career path you shall tread in future. It is thus imperative to study hard and crack these exams with good grades. In case, concentrating on your studies and staying motivated through this crucial period is getting a bit difficult for you then the 5 mantras to crack CBSE Board exams mentioned here should help:

With the board exams being just around the corner, it is essential for you to revise what you have already studied till now rather than referring to new study material or books. It is best to prepare notes all through the year as you go through chapter after chapter and study from those hand written notes at this time. Pay special attention to the important topics.

Take Mock Tests
Just revising and re-revising would not help, you also require understanding as to how much you have grasped. For this it is suggested to solve CBSE sample papers, previous years’ question papers or give mock tests such as that available on Etoosindia.com. This would help you access your knowledge. So you can brush up on the topic you are weak in.

Take Adequate Sleep
Lack of proper sleep can make you lethargic and dull. Your ability to concentrate and your grasping power dips drastically if you do not take adequate sleep. You may even incur health issues such as migraine, etc. It is thus suggested to take a proper 6-8 hours sleep each day.

While you must devote most of your time to your studies, don’t forget to take some time off to rejuvenate. Talk to your friends, go for a stroll, watch TV or do anything that helps you refresh. This would help you concentrate better.

Eat Healthy
Have a well-balanced diet full of various essential micro nutrients during this time to stay healthy. After all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, isn’t it? Steer clear from oily, fried and sugary items.

Quick Tip: It is best to set a schedule. Pen down the time you require devoting to revision, rejuvenation and other activities each day and stick to your schedule diligently.


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Benefits of Online Classes


More and more students these days are opting for online classes. And why not? The benefits they offer over the offline classroom sessions are enticing enough to pull them. These are especially a boon for students preparing for competitive exams such as AIPMT, JEE and the likes. If you are indecisive of whether to opt for online classes or to go for the conventional offline classes then the information shared here should help clear the air.

Ease of Access
Online classes such as that provided by Etoosindia are easily accessible. You do not require filling up long registration forms or indulge in fulfilling other formalities to join these classes as do you while joining offline coaching classes. Online video lectures are just a click away. Just choose the topic or subject for which you require expert assistance and its video lecture would be delivered to your place in no time.

Ease of Studying Anywhere and Anytime
You do not require scheduling your entire day considering the timings of your class. Here, you are free to choose the time of your class. You also have the ease of choosing your place of study. You can sit in the comfortable confines of your house or wherever you can concentrate best and view the lectures.

Saves Your Time and Energy
Since you do not require commuting to your coaching centre every day to attend your class, you save a lot of time and energy which can be utilized in some constructive task.

Offers the Feel of a Real Classroom
Online classes like the ones by Etoosindia offer the feel of sitting in a real classroom like environment. The high quality video lectures are designed and delivered by the top faculties from Kota who know just how to put their point across so as to help the students grasp various topics easily.

Economically Viable
To top it all, online classes are far more economical as compared to the conventional classes. Not only are the video lectures reasonably priced but you also end up saving the money spent on commuting and relocating.


10 facts to know about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Born on 15th October 1931, in a poor family in Tamil Nadu, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam went on to become a renowned scientist with sheer hard work and dedication. A role model for many, Dr. Kalam later became the 11th president of the country. Here are ten facts about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that you should know.

1. He was the son of a boat owner
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the son of a boat owner named Jainulabudeen. His mother Ashiamma was a housewife. He belonged to a Tamil Muslim family that lived in Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram district.

2. He distributed newspapers
Kalam was a hard working student who studied with utter dedication. He also distributed newspapers after his school in order to support his poor family financially.

3. He was a great writer
Dr. Kalam has written around 15 books on different subjects. His autobiography, Wings of Fire: An Autobiography was originally written in English and later translated into as many as 13 languages.

4. He inspired a film
Kalam’s life was interesting enough to inspire director Nila Madhab Panda to direct a film based on it. The movie, I am Kalam, released in 2011 tells the tale of a poor Rajasthani lad who was inspired by Kalam.

5. He was a part of India’s first nuclear test
Raja Ramanna invited Dr. Kalam to be a part of the country’s first nuclear bomb test, Smiling Buddha, conducted on the 18th of May 1974. The bomb was exploded by the Indian Army on the army base, Pokhran Test Range (PTR) based in Rajasthan.

6. He was named the Missile Man of India
Kalam earned the title of Missile Man of India owing to the efforts he put in for the development of ballistic missile and for his contribution in the launch of vehicle technology.

7. He won several awards
Kalam won accolades for his work with ISRO and DRDO and was honoured with the Padma Bhushan award in the year 1981 and Padma Vibhushan in 1990 for the same.  He also received the Bharat Ratna for his contribution towards the scientific research and the upgradation of defense technology of the country.

8. He was harassed at the New York airport
Several Indians protested when the former president was harassed at the JFK Airport, New York by the US security officials. He was asked to remove his shoes and jacket to check for explosives. After Kalam took his seat in the aircraft while returning from New York, the officers came in to do his security check once again.

9. He was criticized for Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant issue
Civil groups came out in open to criticize Kalam’s stand on the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant. It is said that the former president encouraged the establishment of nuclear power plant without having a word about it with the local people there.

10. He was nominated for the Youth Icon award
Kalam inspired the youth of the country and it came as no surprise when he got nominated for the MTV Youth Icon of the Year award in the year 2003 and 2006.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

     Engineering is one of the most sought-after professions in India. Every second student in our country aims to get into the engineering field. Several government and private engineering colleges have been established here in order to accommodate these students and help them chase their dreams. Here is the list of the top ten engineering colleges (in no particular order) in India that have been helping engineering aspirants make it big in this field.
IIT Delhi
Listed in Quacquarelli Symonds’ (QS) list of top 200 universities globally, this is undoubtedly one of the best engineering colleges not only in India but worldwide. Set up in the year 1959, the institute has produced several notable engineers in the past and continues to do so.
IIT Kanpur
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur was established in the year 1959 as a part of the Kanpur Indo-American Programme (KIAP) with the help of a consortium of nine US research universities. The first-ever Indian institute to offer Computer Science course, IIT Kanpur now offers a host of under-graduate and post-graduate engineering courses.

IIT Kharagpur
IIT KGP, as it is popularly known as, recently came into limelight when its alumni Sundar Pichai secured the post of Chief Executive Officer in Google Inc. Just like Pichai, many other graduates and post graduates from the institute have made it big in their fields. Established by the government of India in the year 1951, the institute offers bachelors, masters as well as doctoral degree programs.
IIT Bombay
Established in 1958, IIT Bombay has grown to be one of the most reputed engineering colleges in the country. It includes a total of 14 academic departments, a school, 6 centers and three interdisciplinary programmes. It does not only offers degree courses in engineering but also offers a host of other courses such as that in Management Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Economics, Mathematics and English.
DTU, Delhi
Earlier known by the name Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), this is one of the oldest and most reputed engineering colleges in the country. Besides educating and training its students in different undergraduate and research programs, Delhi Technology University also encourages the students to take part in extra-curricular activities to ensure their all round development. The cultural and academic festivals organized here are attended by a large number of students from different universities and colleges.
IIT Madras
The third IIT established by the Indian government, IIT Madras is spread across 2.5 sq km. The institute has around 550 learned faculty members and 1,250 administrative and supportive staff. It offers graduate, post graduate and research degrees in as many as 16 disciplines under Engineering, Management, Science and Humanities.
BITS Pillani
Birla Institute of Technology and Science or BITS, as it is popularly known as, is yet another top engineering college in the country that has educated and trained several budding engineers and helped them tread the path of success. Established in 1964, the institute has 15 academic departments and mainly focuses on undergraduate education in sciences and engineering.
IIT Roorkee
Formerly known to be the University of Roorkee, it was converted in IIT in the year 2001. The institute has as many as 21 academic departments and offers courses in different programs including Engineering, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences and Applied Sciences.

VIT Vellore
Formely known as Vellore Engineering College, this Indian institute offers 34 post graduate, 20 undergraduate, 4 research and 4 integrated programs. Set-up in the year 1984, it has campuses at Vellore as well as Chennai. The institute takes an exclusive entrance examination called the Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE) to give admission to aspiring engineers.

Thapar University
Situated in Patiala, Punjab, it was earlier known by the name, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. The university has come a long way since its inception. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctoral degrees in various disciplines. Students seeking admission in the undergraduate programs in this esteemed university need to clear the JEE Main exam and those aiming to get admission in the post graduate programs are required to sit for MET.


Essential Physics concept to crack IIT-JEE


This course is focused and simplified for JEE Main & Advanced teaching to bring to students an easy and analytical methodology towards Physics. This course helps students to prepare in right direction that are required to take on the JEE Main + Advanced. Must for class 12th and 13th studying students who are preparing for JEE Main + Advanced.
The space around a current carrying conductor, in which its magnetic effect can be experienced, is called Magnetic field. Magnetism is one aspect of the combined electromagnetic force. It refers to physical phenomena arising from the force caused by magnets, objects that produce fields that attract or repel other objects.

Syllabus :->
  • Magnetism
  • Magnetism field for wire,riugs
  • Solenoid, magnetic field of lines
  • Ampere circuits law
  • Force on a moving charge in magnetic force
  • M.F due to moving charge
  • Lorentz force
  • Force on a current carrying wire, rail problem
  • Magnetic moment and torque
  • Moving coil galvanometer

Demo Video :->

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

If you are an IIT aspirant then there is very little chance that you haven’t heard of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and the numerous facilities it offers, if you are not then post reading about this state-of-the-art institute you are sure to become one.

One of the most sought after Indian Institutes of Technology, IIT-D was established on 28th January, 1959. It is one of the two educational institutes in the country that has made it to the Quacquarelli Symonds’ (QS) list of top universities globally in the year 2015.

Located in South Delhi’s posh colony, Hauz Khas, the IIT-D campus is spread across an area of 325 acres.  The beautifully built and well-maintained campus is divided into four zones that is the faculty and staff residential zone, the student residential zone, student recreational area and academic zone. Among other things, the campus is loved for its lush green gardens and wide roads.

The institute offers Bachelor of Technology course with specialization in nine different fields including Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering and biotechnology, Textile Technology, Civil Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering and Mathematics and Computing. You can also seek admission in undergraduate cum postgraduate dual programs. These programs are available in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Computing and Chemical Engineering. In order to take admission in any of these courses you require clearing the JEE Main and Advanced Exam.

The institute also offers different postgraduate programs including M.Sc., M.Tech, M.Des, M.S. and MBA. The admission to M.Sc. program is given to those who clear Joint Admission Test for Masters (JAM). Those aspiring to pursue M.Tech or M.Des from this esteemed institute need to get through the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and for admission in MBA courses one needs to clear the Common Admission Test (CAT). After clearing these tough competitive examinations the students are required to crack a personal interview round to secure a seat in the post graduate courses here.

The institute boasts of well-learned and experienced faculty members who do their best to shape the career of the students studying here. Each year several IIT-D graduates and post graduates get absorbed in some of the top companies in India as well as abroad. Many have also started their own business and are doing extremely well. Some of the notable alumni from the institute include Kiran Bedi, who became the first female IPS officer of India, Sachin Bansal - the founder of the famous e-commerce portal, Flipkart, Binny Bansal - the co-founder of Flipkart, Yogesh Chander Deveshwar - the chairman of ITC, Sameer Gehlaut – the co-founder of Indiabulls, Vijay Thadani – the co-founder of NIIT, Manvinder Singh Banga – former chairman of Unilever, Somnath Bharti – politician and lawyer and Chetan Bhagat – the famous Indian novelist.


Importance of Girl Education in India

 Around a century back, men in our country were considered to be the bread earners of the family and women had their role clearly defined, which was to be at home and look after the children, the elders in the family and do other household chores. Women who tried to surpass their role as a homemaker were rebuked by the society. However, the mindset of people changed over the years and they started to accept that education is as important for girls as it is for the boys. Though, the times have changed now however we still have a long way to go. This article is an effort from our end to promote the education of girls. Here is why it is important to educate your girl child:

To Make her Self-Dependent and Confident
We all know the importance of being self-dependent. Good education, no doubt, helps women secure a job and become financially independent. So she can fulfil her financial needs on her own. Also women who are educated are certainly more confident and well aware about their rights. So educating your girl means shaping her into an independent and confident individual who can face the challenges of the outside world.
To Help her Choose her Field
Each individual, be it a girl or a boy, is unique. Everyone has their own interests and with proper education and exposure they can excel in their field of interest. Imagine if you ask a sports person to work in a bank or a born singer to pursue a career in cricket? Well, the person will never be able to perform well and stay dissatisfied and depressed all the time. Now, imagine how a woman, who is naturally bent towards sports or has a technical frame of mind, would feel if you ask her to sit at home and chop vegetables or look after the children? Allow her to study and choose her profession so that she can lead the life she wants to.
To Help Her Support Her Family
Educated women can go ahead and grab a job of their choice not only to fulfil their own little needs but also to support their family. This way they can strengthen their family’s financial condition and also earn more self respect.
To Help Her Nurture Her Kids Better
A child will love his mother unconditionally whether or not she is educated however an educated mother can contribute positively towards the growth and development of her child. She can help in their education, take better care their health and their all round development.
To Help Her Contribute towards National Growth
A nation can prosper only if both men and women living there are well-educated and contribute towards its growth and development. A nation where more than half the population is uneducated can never gain prosperity. Girls who are educated well, go on to excel in different fields including medical, engineering, arts and sports and thereby contribute towards the national growth. Education also helps in reducing the crime rate in the society which again helps in strengthening the nation as a whole.


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Govt. Dental College & Hospital in Mumbai

       Seeking admission in Govt. Dental College & Hospital in Mumbai is the dream of all those aiming to make a career in the field of dental science. And why not? The college is ranked among the top three dental colleges in the country. Established in the year 1938, it is the first institute to offer BDS course. It boasts of an excellent infrastructure and a team of well-experienced professors.

The institute is affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik and has been recognised by DCI (Dental Council of India). It offers five years undergraduate course in BDS and post graduate course in Dental Surgery (MDS ) with specialization in various fields including Prosthodontics, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology, Conservative Dentistry, Paedodontics and Periodontics.

It has a big library which is at par with the top medical libraries around the globe. The reading room here is open on Sundays as well as other holidays. The college has labs equipped with the most advanced dental equipments. The students undergo rigorous training to learn the usage of these equipments. They also accompany the teachers on dental health camps to gain a first-hand experience of the services provided. Besides, the students here are also encouraged to take part in sports and other extra-curricular activities for their all round development.

A healthy student-teacher relationship is maintained to promote good study environment. Most of the pass outs from the college have been placed in reputed dental clinics and hospitals in the country as well as abroad.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Govt. Medical College Chandigarh

One of the most reputed medical colleges in the country, Govt. Medical College, Chandigarh boasts of excellent infrastructure and a healthy study environment. The college was set up in the year 1991 and since then thousands of students seek admission here each year.

The college offers undergraduate courses in several allied health sciences. The post graduate courses are available in ENT, Anaesthesiology, Forensic Medicine, General Surgery, Dermatology, Microbiology, Psychiatry, Anatomy, Paediatrics, Pathology, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Pulmonary Medicine and Ophthalmology. This prestigious medical institute is consistently being ranked among the top 25 medical colleges in the country ever since its inception.

Govt. Medical College is known for its learned and experienced faculty members who have shaped the career of several medical students. The faculty here is selected directly through UPSC. Students from this college have been doing extremely well at the university level examination. Each year several students get placements in reputed hospitals and other medical institutes in the country as well as abroad.

Known for its healthy environment, the college does not only train the students to tread a successful medical career but also aims at developing their all round personality. The students here take part in different sports, cultural and literary activities and outshine their competitors in all the fields.
Only AIPMT qualified candidates are eligible for MBBS courses in the college. Those of you interested in applying for the courses offered here can visit their website www.gmch.gov.in to view further details.


Monday, 15 February 2016

Essential concept to crack IIT-JEE


This topic helps students to prepare in right direction that are required to take on the JEE Main +     Advanced. essential for JEE Main & Advanced Exam preparation.  The solids are the substance which have definite volume and definite size. The intermolecular distances in solids are short and intermolecular forces are strong. Solids are almost imcompressible.The study of properties and structure of solids is important subject for the scientists.

Syllabus :->
  • Classification of solids, Crystal lattice & Crystal systems, Unit cell & its types
  • Analysis of unit cells
  • Practice questions, Close packing of spheres in one-dimension & two-dimension
  • Packing of Sphere in 3-D, HCP and FCC arrangement
  • Interstitial Voids, Location of Octahedral and tetrahedral Voids, Calculation of Radius Ration
  • Structure of Rutile Corundum, Fluorite, Antifluorite, Pervoskite, Defects in Solids, Schottky & frenkel defects
  • Non - Stoichiometric defects, Electrical Properties of Solids,                                                         Magnetic propeties of solids.

Demo Video :->

Six Things to Do for a Revision Plan for Board Examination


With CBSE Board examination being just around the corner, students are gearing up to do the best in their exams. This is the time to revise all that you have already studied in order to retain it. It is best to prepare a revision plan and study accordingly to do a thorough revision. For those of you who aren’t sure where to start from the information shared here should make things simpler:

Get a Calendar
Let us start from the start. To prepare an effective plan, the first thing you need to grab is a planner or a calendar. Mark the days you are left with. Now, set aside the days you cannot spare for studying owing to any reason such as school farewell, marriage of a close one, collection of role number, etc. Divide your syllabus in a way that you are able to revise the entire course in the limited days you are left with.

Study From Your Notes
During this time, it is best to stop fiddling with different guide books. This is the time to study from your own hand-written notes. Keep jotting down points to shorten your notes further so that you have your material ready to run through a night before the exam. Writing down points will also help you retain the information better.

Time Your Study Tactfully
It is suggested to revise your lessons at the time you can concentrate best. It is also essential to take short breaks in between in order to refresh your mind and study more efficiently.

Take Mock Tests
Just reading through your notes is not enough. It is suggested to test your knowledge at this crucial time in order to know as to how much you have grasped and what are the areas that you still need to brush up on. Mock tests such as that available on Etoosindia.com are a good way to check your knowledge. You can also solve CBSE sample papers and previous years’ papers.

Lay Stress on Important Topics
Get in touch with your school and tuition teachers to find out as to which topics are comparatively important from the examination point of view. Devote more time to the topics that are more important and ensure that they are on your tips.

Review your revision plan at the end of each day to see if you have followed it diligently and covered all that you were supposed to during that day and also to find out as to what all needs to be revised the following day.


Friday, 12 February 2016

Career Options for IITians

         IIT is one of the most sought after engineering institute in India. It absorbs the cream of the country and nurtures them into resourceful professionals ready to embark on a successful career. There are numerous career options for IITians. Top notch companies are glad to welcome them to their team. In case, you aren’t aware as to which professional fields are open for IITians post clearing their course from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology then read on to widen your knowledge:

Information Technology
Computer and software engineers get campus placements by well-known software companies. Programming, developing new operating systems and providing technical support are some of the career options they can go for under this field based on their area of interest.

Finance companies are all gaga for the IITians and are always on the lookout for them. Each year numerous IITians get campus placements in reputed finance companies. Their quantitative and analytical skills help them grab these jobs easily.

A management consultant job involves strategic planning, analysing management issues and training managers among other tasks. The skilful IITians are welcomed to the field of management consultancy owing to their analytical bent of mind, ability to crunch numbers and ensure quality of work amid all odds. Those who go for IIM post IIT stand a higher chance of grapping excellent management jobs.

Data Analysis
Data analyst as the name suggests needs to analyse, segregate, manage and maintain the available data, ensure that it is stored systematically in the database and handle several other tasks that require good knowledge about the technicalities. The field requires excellent knowledge about mathematics and technology and who can possess a better knowledge about the same than an IITian. This has thus become a favourite career option for the IIT graduates.

Educational institutes, especially those offering coaching for JEE preparation, absorb IIT graduates to impart quality education to the aspiring IITians. Well-versed in Physics, Chemistry and Maths they are also offered jobs to teach these subjects to the CBSE students.

Apart from this, a host of other industries including the service industry, FMCG and telecom industry are also open for them. With the knowledge, skill and determination they possess, many IITians also go on to become successful entrepreneurs.


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Helpful Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

          Parents play a vital role in developing their child’s personality. A well-raised child boosts confidence and is often more successful as compared to those who are neglected and not brought up well. The hectic work schedule of parents these days often leads to a negative impact on their child. If you think that your child isn’t as confident as his classmates and friends then it is time you mend the way you deal with him. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts to help you increase your child’s confidence.

Do’s :-

Compliment Often :->
         Complimenting your child’s good deeds and little achievements would encourage him to stick    to his good habits and motivate him to try to achieve even more. Children who are appreciated develop a good self esteem and exude confidence.

Give Love:->
Give unconditional love to your kids. You may be exhausting yourself day in and day out to secure your child financially and build his future but he is too young to understand all your pains and concern for him. The only thing he understands is the love you shower on him overtly. Cuddle him, kiss him and gently pat him on his head to show him your love and affection. This is a great way to flourish his self esteem.

Pay Attention :->
Never ignore your child. Listen to all that he says and respond to his queries. This may be a bit taxing though with children these days being over-inquisitive however it is essential to build confidence in them. Ignoring their questions can make them feel that their feelings are not valued and they will not feel confident enough to put up questions or talk confidently when out in the real world.

Don’ts :-

Don’t Label :->
Parents often tag their children as shy, introvert or naughty while talking to them as well as
while talking about them to their teachers or other people. You have perceived an image of your child based on his behaviour and by labelling him this way you are leaving him with a negative view of himself which is wrong. The labels you give him store deep down his subconscious mind and he begins to behave the same way unknowingly.

Don’t Dismiss Feelings :->
How do you respond to a child who is crying or shouting? Engrossed in your own work, you often shout back at him and ask him to keep quite without inquiring the reason of his hue and cry. This makes him feel that his feelings are not important to you. A child who feels unimportant and uncared can never turn into a confident individual.

Don’t Mock/ Laugh or Scold :->
Don’t mock at your child or laugh at his inabilities even in a light mood. Also don’t scold him or be too harsh at him if he fails at something. This would lead to the creation of low self esteem in him. He will never feel confident enough to try new things. You will mar his self confidence and creative thinking forever. Instead, encourage him to explore and learn to give wings to his creativity.


Seven Effective Ways to Deal with Stress

With the growing competition these days, the level of stress is also increasing among individuals. Be it students or corporate professionals or house wives – everyone you see around is stressed out due to some reason or the other. Stress impacts both our physical and mental health negatively and leads to several diseases. However, the good news is that with little effort you can lower your stress level to a large extent. Here is how to deal with stress the right way.

  • Exercise
    No matter how busy your schedule is, it is essential to squeeze in some time for exercise. Indulge in any physical activity of your choice such as jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing or aerobics for at least 30 minutes a day and see how it helps you de-stress. 

  • Eat HealthyPoor eating habit is one of the main causes of stress. Most of us hog on junk food and aerated drinks that are known to aggravate the stress levels. Researchers claim that maintaining a healthy diet full of various essential micronutrients can bring down the stress level. You should include green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, curd, green tea, nuts and other healthy food items in your diet and limit your intake of caffeine, high fat dairy products and sugar.

  • Take Adequate SleepA minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep a day is a must for every individual. Your body and mind need to rest and relax in order to work efficiently. Lack of sleep leaves you feeling lethargic throughout the day and adds to your stress.

  • RejuvenateAll work and no play is among the major causes of stress. It is important for you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Students, even those who are to sit for their board exams or are preparing for tough entrance examinations such as JEE Main or Advanced, must set aside some time for rejuvenation in order to de-stress.

  • Listen to MusicMusic is a powerful way to stay stress-free. Play it on for some time and see how it helps you de-stress miraculously.
  • MeditateYet another way to lead a stress-free life is to meditate. Make it a practice to meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. If you find it hard to meditate then at least sit with yourself for self-introspection. Spending some quite time with self can help relieve stress.
  • SocializeLoneliness can cause stress and even lead to depression. It is thus suggested to socialize. If you cannot take out time to meet your friends often then at least reach out to your phone to connect with them. A hearty talk with your loved one can pull down your stress levels drastically.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Etoosindia Launches Free Trial Offer

              EtoosIndia, known for offering online coaching at the most affordable rates, now launches its Free Trial Offer to help JEE and AIPMT aspirants and CBSE students to get access to top quality coaching without shelling out a single penny from their pocket.

The institute has collaborated with top faculties from Kota to provide online video lectures on different subjects to help the students crack their examination with exceptionally good grades. Crash courses on different topics as well as comprehensive year long courses are available for students under this one-of-a-kind offer.

The high quality video lectures made available by EtoosIndia offer a feel of sitting in a real classroom like environment and provide the comfort of studying from anytime and anywhere. Designed and drafted by some of the most learned and experienced faculties from the hub of education, Kota, these video lectures are engrossing yet simple.

Anyone who signs up on the EtoosIndia portal will get access to the Free Trial Offer. The offer, valid up to 29th Feb, would serve as a deciding factor for several students who are indecisive of whether to opt for online coaching or offline classroom sessions.  In addition to this, opting for Free TrialOffer would also make them eligible for discount on the purchase of EtoosIndia’s video lectures.

Etoosindia, the pioneer in online education, is known for providing top quality video lectures to help students crack the tough JEE Main and Advanced as well as CBSE exams. Recently, it has also started offering AIPMT coaching online.

Log on to http://www.etoosindia.com/free-trial to avail the Free Trial Offer.

Etoos Education Pvt. Ltd.
3rd Floor H. No. 50 Rajeev Gandhi Nagar,
Kota, Rajasthan 324005

9214233303, 9214233343

Five Essential Habits of Organized Students

People who are organized and follow a systematic approach are far more productive and less stressed out as compared to those who lack good planning and implementation. As a student, you need to juggle between several things from studies to extra-curricular activities, from maintaining your friends’ circle to getting in the good books of teachers, from figuring out your core area of interest to staying determined amidst all odds. It is important for you to stay organized during this crucial phase of your life in order to shape both your personal and professional life. Here are the top five habits of organized students that you must inculcate.
Get a Planner/ Calendar
A planner or a calendar should be the first thing for you to grab as you begin with a new session. Mark the important dates to see how many days you have to prepare for your exams and how many you need to fulfill other commitments such as a function at home, holiday with family, picnics and outings with friends, etc. This will give you a clear picture of how much time you can devote to your studies and help you divide your syllabus accordingly.
Set Goals
Prepare a plan to cover your syllabus. It is not possible to prepare a workable plan for the entire year in the very beginning. Just take an idea of how much time you require to cover the whole syllabus and set weekly goals accordingly. Organized students don’t just set goals; they stay determined and make sure they achieve them.
Prioritize Tasks
Identify that part of the day when you can concentrate best. Set this time aside for memorizing your lessons. The written assignments can be tackled during other hours of the day. Also it is important for you to prioritize your tasks. For instance, if there is an urgent assignment then it is suggested to finish it of first and then move on to the other tasks. Also set some time aside to go through the lessons you study in your class the very same day.
Keep Your Room Tidy
Organized students also make sure that they keep their things at place. If your study table, bag and study rack are clean and organized, you will not waste time looking for your books and other important things. Keeping your room tidy also brings in positive energy. It reflects your overall personality.
Spending some time with yourself each day is important to recognize your inner strength. And what can be a better way to meet your inner self than meditation. Practicing this art will not only keep you determined to stay organized but will also boost confidence and increase your concentration power. It is also a great stress reliever.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Importance of Time Management for IIT JEE 2016 Aspirants

       One of the main challenges that a JEE aspirant faces is that of time management. You will be able to cover your syllabus well in time and have ample time for revision if you manage your time efficiently from the very beginning. On the other hand, lack of proper time management makes the entire affair unmanageable and disorganized. It is the biggest hindrance in success. In case, you have overlooked the importance of time management and are finding it hard to juggle time between your JEE 2016 preparation and other important activities then the information shared here should come handy.

One of the main challenges that a JEE aspirant faces is that of time management. You will be able to cover your
Set a Plan
The first step to getting organized is to set a plan. Keep your IIT JEE syllabus handy as you sit to set the plan. If you are one of those who also needs to give the board examination this year then you will have to squeeze in adequate time for the preparation of both the exams. In such a case, you should prepare your plan keeping both the syllabus in mind. Also set some time aside for rejuvenation.

Once you have set a plan, you know what needs to be covered on a particular day. However, your priorities for any given day may vary based on your school assignments or other urgent tasks that you may have to handle. It is thus important to prioritize your tasks based on their urgency and then finish them one by one.

Identify the Best Time
Identify that time of the day when you can concentrate your best. For instance, if you are a morning person then set that time to learn your chapters. It is the best way to make the most of your time. If you have opted for online IIT JEE coaching then it is suggested to view the video lectures at the time you can concentrate your best in order to grasp the lessons easily.

Keep Track
Just preparing a plan is of no use if you do not follow it properly. It is suggested to check whether you have been able to stick to your plan or not at the end of each day. Your plan should be workable. If you are not able to adhere to it even after trying your best then it is time to revise your plan.


Evaluate Yourself for IIT JEE Advanced 2016

With IIT JEE Main and Advanced being just a few months ahead, it is time to stop grasping any new information and begin your revision to brush up on all that you have already learned. It is also the time to evaluate yourself. Let us learn as to why it is important to evaluate yourself and how to do it the right way!

Why Evaluate Yourself?
If you are planning to sit for IIT JEE Advanced 2016, chances are that you have already covered the entire course by now. As important as it is for you to revise the entire course at this crucial time, it is equally vital for you to evaluate yourself. Assessing your knowledge is essential as this would help you figure out as to where you lack. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you devise an effective study plan as you will know which topics demand more time and which ones just need a quick glance. This will help you prepare better.

How to Evaluate Yourself?
You can evaluate yourself by taking mock tests, solving sample papers or previous years’ exam papers. Let us learn about these in detail:

  1. Previous Years’ Papers: It is highly recommended to go through the previous years’ IIT exam question papers in order to learn about the examination pattern and understand as to how the questions are twisted and turned to test your ability. However, just going through these is not enough. Try to solve these to know where you stand.
  2. Mock Tests: JEE mock tests such as that available at Etoosindia are one of the best ways to evaluate yourself. These have been set by the industry experts keeping the JEE advanced pattern in mind. Solve as many of these as you can to test your knowledge. Solving these in the stipulated period of time will also help improve your speed.
  3. Sample Papers: JEE sample papers also cover several questions based on the JEE Advanced pattern. Solve these to know how much you have grasped and how much you still require learning to be exam ready.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Why does an AIIMS aspirant need a mentor?

You need a whole institution employed with learned and experienced faculties to cover your school syllabus year on year and most of you even go for an additional coaching to prepare well for your school exams then how can you expect to clear one of the toughest entrance examination without seeking guidance from a mentor?

While the market is flooded with numerous books that cover the entire AIPMT syllabus and several sample papers and mock tests that help you test your knowledge, there are a lot of things you may miss out on if you just stick to these. If you are seriously aiming at getting admission in AIIMs then it is imperative for you to seek assistance from a mentor. Here is why:

Important Portions
You may gain in-depth knowledge about your subjects from your guide books however you will never know as to which topics are comparatively more important. A mentor will help you understand as to which topics should be focused upon and which ones are not as important from exam point of view. This would help you prepare a smart study plan.

The Art of Time Management
Time management is of utmost importance and this is one thing that you can learn from your mentor who has already been through the phase you are in right now. Half your battle is won if you are able to manage your time efficiently.

 How to Stay Calm and Determined?
It is but natural to feel stressed during this time. The tension builds up as the examination date creeps closer. You may want to give up at times due to high level of stress and inability to grasp certain topics. Your mentor will guide you on how to deal with stress and stay determined to achieve your goal.

How to Attempt the Exam?
It is important to attempt the paper the right way in order to complete it within the given time. AIPMT sample papers and mock tests such as that available on Etoosindia.com are a good way to learn the examination pattern however your mentor, who has a first-hand experience of sitting through this test would be able to guide you better on how to go about it.


New AIIMS or Other Medical Colleges?

       AIPMT syllabus and go through the same examination stress all over again is tough for a student however at the same time it is just one year of his life versus his entire career and this is what adds to the confusion. The information shared here should help clear this ambiguity.

One question that almost all medical aspirants have these days is that whether they should go for New AIIMs or enrol in a more reputed medical college. Students who have worked hard all through the year certainly ought to know if it is worth putting in as much effort yet again to clear AIPMT or settle for New AIIMS. To drop a year and cover the entire
Don’t get tricked by the name. While AIIMS, Delhi is the most sought after institute for medical aspirants, the New AIIMS set up in different Indian cities have failed to match up to the standards of the original one. AIIMs Patna and Raipur are among some of the recently established new AIIMS campuses that have poor infrastructure.  These institutes are not equipped with super specialty departments like nephrology, neurosurgery, plastics and cardiology among others. Some of these do not even have a blood bank, emergency services and a labour room. In a profession where first-hand experience is as much vital as the theoretical knowledge, the lack of these facilities deprives the students of complete knowledge.

The new medical institutes are aiming at grabbing more and more students each year. Institutes that began by admitting 50 students in the first batch almost doubled the number of student intake from the very next year without bothering about hiring adequate number of professors. These institutes are thus running short of faculties. In an attempt to fill up the vacant seats, some of these have hired certain teachers who are not well-experienced and are unable to impart quality education.

It is thus suggested to invest in another year, learn the lessons thoroughly, solve as many AIPMT sample papers as you can and work on your weaknesses to reappear for AIPMT to seek admission in an esteemed medical college such as AIIMS, Delhi, MAMC, LHMC, VMMC or JIPMER.


Saturday, 6 February 2016

Simple Yet Effective Tips to Prepare for JEE and Board Examination

With the CBSE Board examination being just around the corner and the JEE date creeping closer by the day, it is imperative for you to gear up and make the most of every minute of this crucial period. This is the time when you should test your knowledge, brush up the topics you lack in and do an overall revision of the course. The information shared here is meant to help all you Board examination students as well as JEE aspirants to score high in your forthcoming examination:

JEE Aspirants
Though you need to be thorough with the entire IIT JEE syllabus however, as you sit to revise, you must know as to which topics need to be focused on and which ones just require a run through. Here
is a look at the comparatively important part in all three subjects:

Electrochemistry, Coordination Chemistry & Chemical Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium, Mole Concept in Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry should be your main point of focus in chemistry.
Quick Tip:- Your basics must be strong and concepts clear. Practice as much as you can to understand how to apply the concepts you have learned as well as to improve your speed. Take JEE mock tests such as that available on Etoosindia.com and also solve previous years’ exam papers.

CBSE Board Examination Students.
Get in touch with your school and tuition teachers to learn as to which topics are important in different subjects. In case, you do not get the desired help from these sources then you can also get in touch with telephonic counsellors who have been made available by the CBSE. The toll free number available on the CBSE website will connect you to one of the learned counsellors out there. These counselors help you cope up with the examination stress and also provide information about the topics that are important from examination point of view.
Besides focusing on the important topics, it is suggested to solve CBSE sample papers and take mock tests to know how much you have grasped and what is it that you need to brush up on.
Lastly, have faith in yourself and stay determined. Good Luck!