3 Simple Vedic Math Tricks

Find it hard to solve maths problems? The Vedic math tricks shared here will help you solve some of your problems with ease. Find out how:

1. Converting Kilometres into Miles

This formula will help you convert kilometres into miles in fraction of seconds. The formula is to divide the number of kilometres by 8 and then multiply the newly derived number with 5. The following example will help you understand this better.

To convert 32 km into miles.

•  Step 1
32/8 = 4

•  Step 2
4*5 = 20 mile

2. Find out if it is Divisible by 4

Take the last digit of the given number and add it to 2 times the second last digit. If this newly derived number goes evenly with 4 then the entire number will go evenly into 4.  For instance, let us take the number 9354, now calculate:

4 + (5*2) = 14

Since, 14 does not go evenly into 4 this means 9354 won’t go evenly with it either. However, 4236 is divisible by four as the number derived after adding its last digit to twice its second last digit goes evenly into 4.

6 + (3*2) = 12

3. Shortcut to Multiplying by 12

Firstly, multiply the 1 of twelve by the given number and then multiply the newly derived number by 10. Now multiply the 2 of twelve by the given number and add it to the number derived by the earlier calculation. This would be clearer by the following example:


•    Step 1
1*8 = 8; 8 + 10 = 80

•    Step 2
2*8 = 16

•    Step 3
16+80 = 96

96 is also what you get when you multiply 12 by 8

In competitive examinations such as JEE where in you need to answer a number of questions in 3 hours time these tricks can help you solve your questions quickly and easily.

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