3 Steps to Master Speed Reading

Reading is one of the best habits one can adopt and it is all the more better if you accelerate in it. It is strange that only a few among us have the ability to speed read even though it takes just a few simple steps to master the art. If you have been trying hard to speed read your books but failing constantly then the information shared here should come handy. Here are 3 easy steps that shall help you master speed reading.

  1. Focus on the Meaning
    The first thing you require doing is to relax and calm down. Hush all the voices running in your head to concentrate wholly and solely on your reading. Now, one mistake that we make is that we read the text aloud in our mind and rather than trying to understand the meaning of the words we focus on their sound whereas it should be the other way round. Your focus should be on comprehending the meaning of the words rather than imagining their sound.
  2. Let Your Finger Guide You
    Don’t you often lose track of where you are while reading through a book. Well, most of us do and end up breaking the concentration. It wastes a lot of time thereby lowering the reading speed. One way to curb this problem is by using your finger as your guide just the way you did in your primary classes. The technique, known as guiding the eye, helps you maintain focus and improves speed.
  3. Don’t Re-Read
    Most of us re-read the text in order to understand it better and end up consuming double the time. Use the technique shared in the first point to comprehend the words as you read them so that you don’t feel the urge to re-read the text and read through your books quickly.

Thus, using the above techniques would not only help you read your books quickly but would also help you understand them faster.

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