5 Ways in which Music Helps Boost up Your Health

Music is not only pleasing to the ears but also offers numerous health benefits. Researchers state that music invokes positive emotion via our brain’s reward centers and thus helps in bringing about positive changes to our mind as well as body. Here are 5 ways in which music can help promote your health and well being:

Heels Pain
It is rightly said, “When music hits you feel no pain”. It does heel both the physical as well as emotional pain to some extent. It reduces the intensity of pain by uplifting the mood and diverting your mind from the actual problem. It has been observed that listening to slow tempo music without lyrics can help in calming people. Some doctors thus play it in the birthing room.

Reduces Stress
Music is uniquely linked to our emotions and hence works as a great stress management tool.  It has a relaxing effect on our mind as well as body. Music lowers the stress hormones thereby bringing down the stress levels. It catches our attention, distracts our thoughts and helps explore emotions.

Enhances Memory
Many students and working professionals play music to concentrate better on their tasks and it does help. Listening to music releases the compound named dopamine that is known to increase motivation and help you learn and memorize better.

Improves Physical Fitness
Music does not only help in concentrating better while studying or working but also motivates you to exercise hard. You can work out better and for a longer duration while listening to music with fast beats. Walking, aerobics and other such exercises can be quite tedious and many of us cannot perform these regularly or for long. However, if you club these activities with music these will become enjoyable and you will look forward to them and exercising regularly will improve your physical fitness.

Boosts Immunity
Certain studies state that listening to music can boost your immunity. It is said that music impacts the levels of lgA in our body. In case, you aren’t aware, lgA is that element which acts as an essential antibody for our immune system’s first line of defence that safeguards us against various diseases.

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