67 of 100 top-rankers flock to IIT Bombay

IIT-Bombay is a hot favourite among the IIT aspirants. No wonder 67 out of the 100 top rankers in JEE opted for this esteemed Indian Institute of Technology this year. The trend was no different last year when 65 of the top rankers paved their way to the Powai campus.
Out of the top 100 rankers this year, as many as 37 belong to the IIT-Bombay zone and thus the institute was a clear choice for them. However, interestingly out of the 30 top rankers from IIT Madras zone only 5 opted for their home zone which means the others gave preference to IIT Bombay.
The result of the first round of seat allotment in IITs, NITs and various other centrally funded technology institutes was released by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) on Thursday.
IIT-Delhi being the second most sought-after campus saw 28 of the top 100 JEE rankers seeking admission in B-Tech courses this year. There was a drop in the students seeking admission in IIT-Delhi with 30 students opting for it last year. As mentioned above, the remaining 5 candidates went ahead and opted for IIT-Madras. As per the last few years trend, at least 2 or 3 of the top 100 rankers opt for IIT-Kanpur however it was not opted by any of the top candidates this year.
While IIT-Bombay and IIT-Delhi have clearly been given preference by the top rankers various courses in IIT Madras and IIT-Kharagpur have obtained many more applications from the 33,500 candidates seeking admissions this year round. Each of the 1,341 seats at the esteemed IIT-Kharagpur got 224 applications while Chennai saw 221 contenders for each of its seats. At IIT Bombay, there were 161 contenders for each seat and at IIT-Delhi there were 190.

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