AIPMT Follow these tips and remember every concept you study

           Competitive exams are hard to crack and AIPMT is no exception. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to crack this examination. However, merely enrolling in a good coaching institute and spending long hours preparing for the exam does not help. You need to work smarter. Confused? Well, we are here to help you! Here are a few smart tips that shall help you retain your chapters easily and give you an edge over the others:
Prepare Notes

Don’t just read through your guide books, study material and the notes narrated in your

coaching class, jot down the important points to prepare your own notes. Writing down the points side by side does not only help your mind grasp the information more easily but also helps you concentrate better. Besides, these hand-written notes are extremely helpful during revision.

Chunk-Up Information
It is difficult to comprehend and grasp lengthy sentences and paragraphs. In order to understand and retain your chapters it is suggested to chunk up the information that is break it into small points.
Meditation boosts your power to concentrate. Set aside some time for meditation each day. It would help you de-stress and calm down so that you can focus better.
Use Image Descriptions
It is easier to retain information when you have its imagery in mind. So it is suggested to use an image description to remember any problem or formula you find difficult to grasp otherwise.
Identify the best time to Study
While it is said, that early morning hours are the best time to study, this formula may not work for everyone. This is because everyone is born different. While some are morning larks others are night owls. Find out as to which time of the day you can concentrate best and plan your day accordingly to make the most of your time.
Seek Online Coaching

It is suggested to seek online coaching such as that provided by  It offers you the ease to study at a place and time suitable to you.  Also you do not require wasting any time in commuting to your coaching centre.

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