aipmt sample papers National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) replaced the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) last year to select students for various government and private medical colleges in the country. However, the syllabus of both the exams is more or less the same and so is the examination pattern. So, not just NEET sample papers you must also solve AIPMT sample papers as you prepare for this medical entrance exam. Not convinced? The reasons mentioned below should help you understand why referring to AIPMT sample papers is essential for effective NEET preparation:

  1. Identify Weak Areas

Just as any test paper, the AIPMT sample papers also help assess your knowledge. Solving these regularly gives you a clear insight about the topics you are thorough with as well as the ones you still get stuck at. So you have a ready list of topics that require more attention. Dedicate more time to such topics and clarify any doubts related to them to be thoroughly prepared with them.

  1. Types of Questions

While the number of questions may differ, the types of questions asked in both the exams are almost the same. The questions included in NEET examination are twisted and tweaked in the same way as they are in AIPMT to put your knowledge to test and ensure that only the best of the lot pave their way to the medical colleges. AIPMT sample papers thus give you an idea about the kind of questions asked in the exam.

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  1. Hone Your Skills

Solving AIPMT sample papers regularly helps enhance your analytical and problem solving skills. Solving these over and over again would help you master the subject. This way you would take lesser time to get to the correct answers during the examination. These are thus a great way to improve speed and accuracy.

  1. Manage Time Efficiently

You will not only develop speed by solving AIPMT sample papers but will also get an idea about approximately how much time you require devoting to each question so as to complete your exam on time. This would thus help you manage time efficiently during the exam.

  1. Curb Fear

All your fears about appearing for the exam can be brought down by solving AIPMT sample papers regularly. When you already have a first-hand experience of giving tests similar to the one you are about to appear for, you are likely to feel less fearful and more confident.

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