All the best for NEET II Exam

The NEET 2 exam is just around the corner and we know you are all set to crack it! It is also natural to feel anxious and nervous at this time no matter how well prepared you are. Here are a few last minute tips to help you keep your calm and do your best in the exam:

Quick Revision
A day before the exam you should give a quick glance at the entire course laying stress on the topics that are important from examination point of you.

Keep Your Stuff Handy
Your roll number, I-card, pen, pencil and all the other essential items that you require carrying along to the examination hall must be ready and set aside a night before the exam so that you do not waste time looking for all these in the morning.

Sleep on Time
Staying up late the night before the exam is a big no. Sleep on time so that you wake up fresh the next morning.

Utilize Early Morning Hours
The early morning hours on the day of the exam can be utilised for quick revision. This would help you retain your chapters well.

Shut Your Books
After a quick revision in the morning it is time to shut your books and notes. Do not take them along to the examination hall.

Stay Calm
Stay calm and meditate for around 10-15 minutes on the day of the exam to improve your power to concentrate and reduce stress.

Reach on Time
Reach your examination hall well in time and steer clear from any negative conversations or discussions going on outside the examination hall.

Remember, nothing can stop you from doing your best; nothing can pull you down as long as you believe in yourself. So stay positive and give it your best shot.
People might be wishing you all the best for today but we wish you a great success on your way. All the best and do well in your exam!

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