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JEE Main 2018 Exam DateMy son has always had a mathematical bent of mind. Looking at his interest in the subject, I always knew he would either get into the finance field or take up engineering though I never inflicted any of my ideas on him. He opted for the science stream as he entered class XI. He also shared his plan of applying for JEE. I supported his decision and enrolled him at a good JEE coaching institute.

My son had been studying with utmost dedication since the time he had been enrolled at the institute. However, I got a little worried after the first assessment was held at the institute. My son did not score well. It was surprising that even after spending 2 hours a day at the coaching institute and 2 hours for self study he could not fetch good marks. I know how good he has always been with the studies. Everyone in our family as well as in his school has always appreciated him for his sheer dedication towards his studies. So, I was sure that the problem was not at his end but elsewhere.

His batch included around 80 students and I knew the problem lied with matching the pace in the class. However, all the JEE coaching institutes in our vicinity had a batch of almost the same number of students. So, changing the institute was not a solution.

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I discussed the issue with one of my colleagues and he introduced me to Etoosindia, an online JEE coaching institute. I bought a few courses for my son and compared his performance in the same with the ones that he had only covered at his coaching and at once got the answer to the problem. He is now taking Etoosindia’s JEE video lectures simultaneously to strengthen his preparation.

Etoosindia is a pioneer in online JEE preparation. The institute has collaborated with the top faculties from Kota to offer nothing but the best to its students. The video lectures available at the institute are high in audio-visual quality and are known for their easy-to-comprehend content.

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