Application of Physics in Our Daily Lives

Application of Physics in Our Daily LivesJust as mathematics, the laws and practices of physics also come handy in our day to day lives. It deals with force, matter, motion and energy and is thus known to be natural science. Several big and small things we do in our daily lives are based on different principles of physics. From something as simple as walking on earth to intricate things such as functioning of tools and gadgets – everything works on the laws of physics. Here is a brief look at a few ways in which physics is applied in our daily lives:

  • A simple example of physics that we see around us is its application in a swing. Swing moves back and forth by converting potential energy into kinetic energy and vice-versa. This process repeats over and over again as you swing. Here, the fast part of swinging is the kinetic energy and the high part is potential energy. Potential energy increases as you go high on the swing.
  • See saw also works by way of physics mechanism. It constitutes of lever that is fastened by a fulcrum that forms its middle point. Two of the elements of physics – energy and force are applied in order to make the see saw work.
  • Interestingly, cooking food also involves physics. Cooking involves thermodynamics which is the branch of physics that deals with temperature and heat. Heat is a form of energy that transfers from hotter surface to cooler. For instance, when we put a pan with vegetables on a burning gas stove, the heat is transferred from stove to the pan thereby by warming/ cooking the vegetables.
  • Something as simple as cutting fruits and vegetables also involves physics. To cut anything, we need to put pressure on the knife. Putting pressure means exerting force which is one of the elements of physics. On exerting more force, any object can be cut easily just as it is moved or pushed easily on applying greater force. Sharper knives when exerted on an object with force cut it easily.
  • The principles of physics are also applied in the transportation industry. The wheels on which the vehicles move run on the mechanics of physics. Wheels prevent gravity from stopping an object’s movement so that it flows constantly.
  • The GPS satellites that help you navigate also work on the mechanics of physics.
  • The opening and closing of doors also involves physics. Torque is a kind of force used to twist an object about an axis. When a door is opened by using handle planted farthest from hinge it opens easily. On the other hand, if the handle is affixed near the hinge, we need to exert more torque to open it.
  • A lesser known fact is that even our eyes use the law of physics to see though body parts and their functions form a part of biology which is a different branch of science. Our eyes have convex lens that focuses light. Cornea and lens focus the light when it enters our eye. The amount of light entering the eye is controlled by Iris that also creates an image on retina. Photoreceptors convert the light’s image into electrical signal. Optic nerve then sends it to the vision centre of brain.

Similarly, several other tasks that we carry out in our day to day life involve application of physics.

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