Attempting JEE Mains Again

Whether to choose another field and go ahead with it or drop a year to focus completely on the JEE preparations? This is one question most engineering aspirants are faced with. While there is no one rule fits all, we shall try to explain the pros and cons of the same so that it becomes easier for you to take the decision.

Each year lacs of students sit for the JEE Main exam but only a few are able to crack it to appear for the next level exam and make it to one of the top engineering colleges in the country. Those who are unable to clear the exam need to make the tough decision of whether to choose a different stream or give it another shot. Now, if you are really determined to pursue engineering from a top ranked college and believe in yourself then it is a good idea to give it another try.

The main advantage you will have over your counterparts is that this time round you will have complete time to dedicate to your JEE preparation that is to say that you will not have to juggle between JEE and CBSE exam preparation. Secondly, you have already studied the entire course once and are aware as to which topics you are thorough with and which ones require more attention. In addition to this, you have already had a hands-on experience of giving the exam and hence are well-aware about the examination pattern. However, the main problem is that most candidates lose motivation as they sit to study again. The question whether they took the right decision by dropping a year or not plagues them time and again and causes hindrance in the preparation.

So keep all the aforementioned things in mind and drop a year only if you are fully confident that you shall be able to stay motivated all through the year and prepare better now that you have enough time.

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