Being Studious Is Dangerous!


Being serious about studies is good as those who study dedicatedly from the very beginning are the ones who climb the success ladder and make it big in life. However, as they say, excess of anything is bad so though this dedication towards your studies works in your favour being overtly studious may go against you. Yes! Being studious can be dangerous. Here is how it can impact you negatively:
Social Life Goes for a Toss
Students who are studious often avoid social gatherings, parties and outings with friends and family and rather dedicate that time to their studies. They are seldom seen going out during the evenings or on holidays as they prefer studying rather than whiling away time roaming around. This practice cuts them off from the society. This way they might be able to score high in their exams however it is likely to make them socially awkward. And as you know even a degree from a reputed university doesn’t help fetch a good job if you do not have good social and inter-personal skills.

Dullness Surrounds
There is no denying the fact that attending your school then going for your coaching classes and spending the rest of the day studying on your own can suck away all your energy and make you dull. It is necessary to take some break from your studies and indulge in your hobby or spend time with your family and friends to rejuvenate yourself else the monotony caused can have negative repercussions on your mental as well as physical health.

Difficulty Copping up with Failure
Studious students set the bar a bit too high and push themselves to the limit to achieve their goals. While such dedication and competitive spirit is good and goes a long way in shaping a successful career however students with such mind set are vulnerable when it comes to dealing with failure. There may be times when they might not be able to maintain their rank or achieve the set target owing to ill health or other reasons and this can put them down. It should be understood that failures are a part of life and it is important to learn how to cope up with them.

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