Benefits of Video-Based Learning for Students

Video Based Learning Video-based learning is slowly establishing its foothold in the education industry. Video lectures offer numerous benefits and are thus quite in demand particularly for the preparation of competitive examinations such as JEE and NEET. However, there is also a section of students and parents who are sceptic about opting for this new way of learning. If you too belong to this category then read on to learn about the various benefits of video based learning and decide for yourself:

  1. Take Lectures Anytime

Video-based learning gives you the opportunity to decide your time of study. You are not bound to take coaching at a particular time each day as is the case when you opt for conventional coaching classes. You may choose to take lectures early morning before heading to the school or after you are back from school or at just about any time you want. It is a good time to view these lectures at a time you can concentrate best.

  1. Study at Your Pace

You don’t have to match up to the speed of your teacher or the fellow students when you choose video-based learning. You do not have to jump to the next topic without clearing each and every doubt in the previous one. You get to study at your own sweet pace without any hassle.

  1. Choose your Number of Study Hours

You do not have to study for fixed number of hours each day. With video-based learning you can choose the number of hours you wish to study. You may study for lesser number of hours initially and increase the same as the exam approaches.

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  1. Pause, Rewind, Forward

You do not miss out on anything when you choose video-based learning. You can pause the video lectures and rewind them in case you miss out on any information or do not understand it in one go. You can even leave a topic if you want to get back to it later. So, you are in charge of what and how much you wish to study in any given sitting.

  1. No Commuting Hassles

One of the biggest benefits of video-based learning is that you do not require commuting to your classes each day. You can seek coaching at home or any where you want by way of these lectures. This saves a lot of time and energy.

  1. No Relocation Required

Many students require relocating to a different city and also require dropping a year to seek coaching for JEE and NEET. Relocation is a big hassle and can be disturbing financially as well as emotionally. Video-based learning shuns the need to relocate as it comes right to your door step.

Looking at these benefits, it is evident why more and more students are switching to video-based learning!

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