Board Exam Preparation tips

Board exams are just around the corner and by now you must be well prepared to sit for the same. While you may have come across a number of exam preparation and revision tips now is the time to understand as how to write your exam well enough to come out with flying colours. Here are 5 things you must follow while writing your board exam:

1. Read the Instructions Carefully
As soon as you get the question paper, the first thing you should do is to read all the given instructions carefully. This way you will get to know the number of questions you need to attempt, the choices you have between questions as well as other important points you require keeping in mind during the exam.

2. Begin Writing Right Away
Once you have gone through the instructions, you must immediately begin answering the questions. Many students start reading the entire question paper to know the kind of the questions asked. This is a wrong practice as it does not only wastes a lot of time but may also make you anxious if there are questions that you do not know the answers for.

3. Do Not Stay Stuck
As you start with the paper, you may come across certain questions that you might find difficult or confusing. While you should brain storm to answer those questions however you must not stay stuck. If you are unable to understand the question or cannot recall the answer then it is only wise to move to the next one rather than wasting time. You can always come back to such questions once you are through with your paper.

4. Maintain Good Handwriting
Make sure you maintain good handwriting all through your paper. Underline the headings and sub-headings and give pointers wherever you mention a step wise account of something. This gives a good impression and also enables the examiner to check your paper in the flow. Poor handwriting, on the other hand, creates a negative impression and the examiner may not mark you for the answers he is not able to understand because of your handwriting.

5. Go Through the Answer Sheet
Don’t be in a rush to hand over the answer sheet to your teacher after completing your exam. Try answering all the questions at least 10 minutes early and spend the remaining time going through the entire answer sheet. This is a good way of finding any error you might have made while attempting the questions. Correct them while you still have time.

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