Boards Vs JEE Main 2017: How to cope up?

Boards Vs JEE Main 2017

The marks scored in CBSE board exams determine the field you choose further and to some extent decide the career path you eventually tread on. It is thus important to give in your 100% to these exams. However, if you are preparing for JEE Main simultaneously it isn’t possible to give your undivided attention to your board exams and this leads to stress. Here is how to cope up with this stress and achieve good grades in both the exams:

1. Prepare a Schedule
Begin by preparing a schedule that helps you cover the syllabus of both the exams simultaneously. Get the syllabus of both JEE Main and CBSE exams to understand exactly how much time would be required to cover each of these. Prepare a workable schedule that helps you complete your syllabus on time and also leaves you with enough time for revision. If at any point in time you feel that the schedule is too tight and you are unable to achieve the set target even after giving your 100% then it is time revise it.

2. Seek Online Coaching
Online coaching is a great way to manage your time efficiently. It is especially beneficial for all those of you who are preparing for your boards and JEE Main simultaneously. It does not only help you choose your time of study making it easier for you to plan your day but also saves a lot of time spent in getting ready and commuting to your coaching centre each day. So you can use that time in something more constructive.

3. Give Mock Tests
Much of the anxiety builds up when you are clueless about the kind of questions that would be asked in the exam. In order to cope up with it, you must squeeze in some time to give mock tests for both your CBSE exam as well as JEE Main. This will give you an idea about the kind of questions asked during each of these exams and prepare you better. Mock tests such as those available on are conducted in real time. Thus, these give you an idea about how much time you should devote to each section in order to manage your time efficiently in the exam.

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4. Take Break
Studying for long hours can make you dull and hamper your power to concentrate. It is suggested to take a break every once in a while and indulge in an activity of your choice. Going for physical activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, etc is a good idea. Such activities promote the development of endorphins (also known as the happy hormones) in our body and thus help in bursting stress.

5. Eat Right; Sleep Well
Stress and anxiety can also be caused due to unhealthy eating habits and erratic sleeping patterns. When you are preparing for two tough exams simultaneously you must be extra cautious about both these aspects. Have a healthy diet full of various micronutrients and take a proper 7-8 hours of sleep each night to stay energetic and concentrate properly on your studies.

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