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NEET UG 2017: Applications To Commence In December 2nd Week

NEET UG 2017

The application process for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG 2017) is likely to commence from the second week of December. The process would possibly run for a minimum of one month. An official announcement on the same shall be made soon. By way of this entrance exam, more than 50 thousand MBBS and BDS seats shall be filled in all the government and private medical institutes across the country. Only JIPMER and AIIMS will conduct their exclusive entrance exams.

How Parents can help their Children in Studies?

Parents play a vital role in shaping their children’s career. Developing a healthy environment for the all round development of their children should be the prime focus of the parents. In case, you have been trying to help your children in studies but are falling short at it here are a few tips that should come handy:

Set a Schedule
Setting a schedule is very important for your children’s development. It is advised to set a schedule for them from the very beginning. Set aside separate time slots for studying, playing, eating, sleeping and various other activities. This way they will have a clear idea about what is expected out of them and they shall thus act more efficiently. This is a good way to channelize their energy in the right direction.

What is Your Learning Style?

There are basically three different learning styles. These are visual, auditory and tactile. It is your style that influences the manner in which you comprehend the given information and analyze and resolve problems. If you have been trying hard to learn efficiently but are failing at the same each time then you need to understand as to which is the apt way for you to learn so as to grasp things quickly and retain them for long. Read on to know about different styles of learning and find out as to which one suits you best:

Methods to Keep Mind Healthy

One of the biggest problems faced by people of every age group these days is stress. It is important to minimize the stress level so as to keep your mind fit and active as well as enjoy overall health. Here are a few ways to keep your mind healthy and lead a stress free life:

Eat Right
It is rightly said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, in order to keep your mind healthy it is essential for you to keep your body fit and having a nutritious diet is clearly the key to it. Your diet must include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, nuts, pulses, grains and all that the body requires to fulfil its nutritional needs.

Education Methodology in Indian Schools

Indian Schools have been following almost the same education methodology since decades wherein the theoretical knowledge is given more prominence over practical experience. The methodology has often been criticized as it focuses on mugging up chapters to crack the exams rather than enhancing a student’s analytical and observational skills.

It has been stressed time and again that the performance of many students may improve if this conventional examination centric evaluation is altered. However, no steps seem to have been taken to bring about changes to this pattern.

Historical Fact of the Day – Alexander Graham Bell

Born on 3rd March 1847, Alexander Graham Bell went on to become a scientist, an inventor, innovator and engineer. He is known for the invention of the first practical telephone. Graham Bell won several honours and awards owing to his contribution in the field of science and technology. Here is a look at some of his major achievements:

  • Bell was awarded the master telephone patent in 1876 that became the foundation asset for the Bell Telephone Company that later came to be known as AT&T.

Why Do We Yawn?

Yawn, a reflex wherein we simultaneous inhale air, stretch the eardrums and finally exhale, occurs when we are sleepy, tired, stressed or bored. It can even be contagious. At times, we may yawn for just no reason at all. There have been several theories that explain as to why people yawn. Let us have a detailed look at some of these.

Essential Nutrients for Our Body

Essential nutrients are those nutrients that our body needs to obtain from other sources as it cannot produce these on its own. Essential for proper growth and functioning of the body, these nutrients must form a part of our daily diet. Let us have a detailed look at these nutrients and various sources from which these can be obtained.

Vitamin A promotes healthy eyes, strengthens teeth and is good for skin, B Vitamins strengthen the immune system and help in the absorption of iron, Vitamin C aids in the production of collagen that provides structure to blood vessels, ligaments and bone, Vitamin D aids in maintaining calcium homeostasis. Similarly other Vitamins are also essential for the proper functioning of our body. Different vitamins can be obtained from different sources. For instance, carrot and sweet potato are a good source of Vitamin A, chilli pepper, banana, potato, whole grains and beans are a rich source of B Vitamins and Vitamin C can be obtained from red and green pepper, Brussels sprouts, strawberry, orange and guava.

What is KVPY exam?

KVPY, the short for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana, is a national program of fellowship in basic sciences. It has been started and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India so as to provide opportunity to extremely bright and ambitious students for pursuing basic science courses and research career in the field of science.
The main motive of this program is to pick talented students for research purpose. Through this program, the students are provided academic potential to carry out research activities and are encouraged to take up research careers in the field of Science. The idea is to bring out the best in these individuals so that they contribute towards scientific research and development of the country.
The selection of the students is done from among those studying in class XI to 1st year of any undergraduate program under the science stream such as B.Sc., B.S., B. Stat., B. Math., Int. M.Sc. or MS in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. The students must also possess an aptitude for scientific research. Certain special committees have been set up at IISc to shortlist the applications and hold an aptitude test at different centres across the country. Those who qualify in this exam are required to sit for an interview based on which the candidates are finally selected for this program. Fellowships are given up to the pre-PhD. Level to the KVPY fellows.
The announcement for KVPY Fellowship is done by advertising about the same in all the national dailies mostly on the Technology Day that is the 11th of May and the second Sunday of July each year.

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5 Ways in which Music Helps Boost up Your Health

Music is not only pleasing to the ears but also offers numerous health benefits. Researchers state that music invokes positive emotion via our brain’s reward centers and thus helps in bringing about positive changes to our mind as well as body. Here are 5 ways in which music can help promote your health and well being:

Heels Pain
It is rightly said, “When music hits you feel no pain”. It does heel both the physical as well as emotional pain to some extent. It reduces the intensity of pain by uplifting the mood and diverting your mind from the actual problem. It has been observed that listening to slow tempo music without lyrics can help in calming people. Some doctors thus play it in the birthing room.

Reduces Stress
Music is uniquely linked to our emotions and hence works as a great stress management tool.  It has a relaxing effect on our mind as well as body. Music lowers the stress hormones thereby bringing down the stress levels. It catches our attention, distracts our thoughts and helps explore emotions.

Enhances Memory
Many students and working professionals play music to concentrate better on their tasks and it does help. Listening to music releases the compound named dopamine that is known to increase motivation and help you learn and memorize better.

Improves Physical Fitness
Music does not only help in concentrating better while studying or working but also motivates you to exercise hard. You can work out better and for a longer duration while listening to music with fast beats. Walking, aerobics and other such exercises can be quite tedious and many of us cannot perform these regularly or for long. However, if you club these activities with music these will become enjoyable and you will look forward to them and exercising regularly will improve your physical fitness.

Boosts Immunity
Certain studies state that listening to music can boost your immunity. It is said that music impacts the levels of lgA in our body. In case, you aren’t aware, lgA is that element which acts as an essential antibody for our immune system’s first line of defence that safeguards us against various diseases.

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