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Category: CBSE Exam Preparation

Best Timetable for a student of class 11th & 12th

Timetable for class 11 & 12

The classes that hold great importance in shaping your career are 11th and 12th class. Students post their 10th board results are required to choose a stream among Science, Commerce or Humanities to become the next engineer, doctor, fashion designer or politician. It is in these classes students are required to work extremely hard but they are left with the question of how? Well, the answer is formulating realistic timetables!

How making timetables will help you?

  • Timetables make you organised.
  • Gives you a fair idea of the next step which a student needs to incorporate.

Be Well Prepared for Exams with CBSE Solved Question Paper

CBSE Solved Question paper

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) holds great importance in the Education System of India. It conducts board examinations for class 10 and 12 in the month of March. The results are usually out by May end. Students often leave no stone unturned to pass these exams with flying colours. Few months before the exam students download CBSE Solved Question paper to gain insights about the exam. If you are puzzled and can’t find a genuine source of downloading CBSE Solved Question paper then your search finally ends right here.

Study Plan for 12th Board Exam

Study plan for 12th Board ExamClass 12th board exams are extremely crucial. Your score in these exams determines, to a large extent, the career path you shall tread on. It is thus highly important to invest this year completely in studying and let the other activities take a back seat. While it is essential to enroll for a good coaching class to prepare thoroughly for your upcoming Class 12th Board Exams, you wouldn’t get anywhere if you do not devote enough time for self study. Here is an effective study plan for 12th board exam to help you prepare better.

Avail the best CBSE NCERT solutions for class 10 to 12

CBSE NCERT Solutions for class 10 to 12.

NCERT books are an invaluable source of information for students of classes 10 to 12. Whether you are preparing for board exams or kick-starting your entrance exam preparation, the content of NCERT books is simply unmatched and unbeatable.

They serve as the base for the syllabus of board exams and entrance tests.

Students before solving questions from reference books or question banks should first start solving NCERT book questions. All the questions in these books are smartly inserted so that the knowledge & understanding of concepts by the students can be tested effectively.

CBSE Sample Papers for IIT-JEE Preparation

CBSE Sample Papers for IIT-JEE Preparation.

If you are preparing for IIT JEE chances are that your teachers and seniors must have already stressed much about the need to solve JEE sample papers and take JEE mock tests. But did you know that solving CBSE sample papers is as much essential to prepare thoroughly for IIT JEE? Surprised? Well, the following points should explain this:

  1. Strong Base

Many of the topics in the JEE syllabus are from CBSE class XI and XII through their level of difficulty is much higher. Testing your knowledge by solving CBSE question paper regularly will help build a strong base which is extremely essential.

CBSE Study Material for Science Stream

CBSE Study Material.

Science Stream is said to be the toughest of the three. However, with expert guidance, dedication and the help of good CBSE study material you can achieve excellent results. Many students do a thorough research before enrolling at a coaching institute but do not pay equal attention when it comes to choosing the Ncert study material. It is essential to understand that choosing the right study material is as important as seeking the right kind of coaching.

Which is the best CBSE study material for the class 9th to 12th Students?

Here is what makes for a good CBSE guide or study material for science stream:

Board Exam Preparation Tips

board exam preparation tipsBoard examination is one of the first big examinations in a student’s life. These exams are a stepping stone for the students as the career path they choose is highly dependent on the board exam result. Here are some useful board exam preparation tips to help curb stress and fetch good marks.

 CBSE Class 10 & 12th Board Exams Preparation Tips:

  1. Set a Schedule: Once you have the syllabus handy, the first thing you should do is to set a schedule to prepare for your board exams. It is suggested to prepare a rough yearly schedule just to have an idea about how much time you require spending on each subject/ topic to complete your syllabus timely. You should then prepare weekly/ monthly schedules that you must follow diligently.

CBSE class 10 board exam, Syllabus, Sample Papers

CBSE class 10 board exam.

CBSE class 10 board exam is the first big exams in a student’s life. Your performance in these exams largely determines the career path you will eventually choose. If you are appearing for the same then make sure you have complete knowledge about the cbse 10th syllabus, examination pattern, study material, admit card, date sheet and more. Here is a look at all this information for CBSE Class 10th board exam2019:

CBSE Class 10th Admit Card

CBSE class 10th admit card shall be released shortly on the CBSE website www.cbse.nic.in. Central board of secondary education shall allot class 10th board exam roll number to the registered students after the release of the admit cards. The admit card shall carry the below mentioned information:

Three Benefits of Having Class 11th and 12th syllabus for JEE Entrance

The news that JEE entrance curriculum will only include syllabus from class 11th and 12th has come as a relief for the students aiming to sit for this competitive examination. And why not? This will make the JEE preparation much easier for them. Let us learn as to how it will benefit the students in three major ways:

Limited Syllabus
JEE syllabus has always been very vast thereby making the preparation a big task for the candidates. They require learning a wide variety of topics in order to be thorough with the subject. However, with this latest modification the students know exactly where to look for the curriculum and what exactly to cover in order to crack the same.

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