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Best of Luck for JEE Advanced 2017

Best of luckWe know all you champs out there must have prepared thoroughly for your JEE Advanced 2017 by now and just as you came out with flying colors in your JEE Main you shall be able to crack this one too. Here’s wishing you All the Very Best for your JEE Advanced 2017 from all of us at Etoosindia. Here is a quick look at the dos and don’ts for your big day:


  1. Pack your bag a night before the exam. Your admission card, stationary items and other essential stuff must be ready to avoid last minute hassles.

Different Ways to Improve Your IIT JEE Preparation

CBSE sample papersIf you are preparing for IIT JEE chances are that you must have already enrolled at a good JEE institute for the preparation of your exam and might have also prepared a schedule to ensure the timely completion of your JEE syllabus. As you begin your preparation for this tough competitive examination, let us help you improve your preparation strategies by providing some useful tips:

  1. Identify Your Study Hours

Effective Strategies to Get Assured Success in JEE Advanced

jee-advancedJEE Advanced sure is a tough nut to crack. However, this should not dither you from appearing for the exam. Remember, there is nothing that you cannot achieve if you have the will and determination to attain it. If you believe in yourself then the strategies shared here should serve as fuel to get assured success in JEE Advanced.

Start Early

Do not wait for your JEE Main result to be out to begin with your JEE Advanced preparation. Continue with your preparation as seriously even after the JEE Main exam. It is time now to focus on the topics that are a part of the JEE Advanced syllabus but were not included in the JEE Main syllabus. Also keep revising the common topics side by side to be thorough with them.

Simple Preparation Tips to Cover IIT JEE Syllabus

IIT JEE syllabusStudents often get perplexed looking at the vast IIT JEE syllabus. Most of them do not understand where to start from and how to schedule their time efficiently so as to cover the entire syllabus timely.

IIT JEE syllabus is no doubt quite extensive however putting in a little effort and following the right approach shall help you prepare efficiently for the exam. Here are a few simple yet effective preparation tips to cover the IIT JEE syllabus on time:

  1. Know the IIT JEE Syllabus and Study Material

Six Reasons to Solve JEE Sample Papers

JEE sample papersYour Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) preparation is incomplete if you do not solve JEE sample papers regularly. Solving these papers gives you a clear picture of how well-prepared you are for the upcoming exam as they assess your knowledge about the subjects included in the exam. It is highly recommended to grab as many of these sample papers as you can for effective preparation of your exam.

Here is a detailed look at the six top reasons to solve JEE sample papers:

  1. Identify Weak Areas

IIT JEE Study Material for Effective JEE Preparation

IIT JEE study materialIIT JEE Study Material:

IIT JEE syllabus is vast however the good news is that the study material need not be as vast. Most JEE aspirants catch hold of numerous JEE books and accumulate large chunks of study material from their school and coaching centre in an attempt to prepare efficiently for the exam however this only leads to confusion. The key is to know just what to study and from where to study. The following information should guide you about the appropriate IIT JEE study material to begin your preparation for JEE.

  1. NCERT Books

Compelling Reasons to Prefer Online Coaching for IIT JEE

online coaching for IIT JEEIIT JEE, one of the toughest competitive examinations, is held to shortlist students for top engineering colleges across the country. It is imperative to study with utmost dedication and seek professional guidance if you are seriously looking forward to crack this exam. While there are several good JEE institutes in different cities throughout the country, lately there has been a growing trend of enrolling for Online Coaching for IIT JEE. More and more students these days are going for this all new mode of learning owing to the benefits it offers. Here are 5 compelling reasons to prefer online coaching for IIT JEE.

 JEE Mock Test

JEE mock testJoint Entrance Examination (JEE) is held each year to select students for the top engineering colleges in the country. The examination is tough and it requires a lot of hard work coupled with the right guidance to crack this exam. What is also essential is to put your knowledge to test from time to time to get a clear understanding of how much you have grasped and how much you still require working on. One of the best ways to test your knowledge is to solve JEE mock test such as the ones made available by the online JEE coaching expert, Etoosindia.

IIT JEE Practice Questions: Quintessential Part of JEE Preparation

iit jee practice questionsJoint Entrance Examination (JEE) is regarded as the most challenging engineering aptitude test worldwide. The exam mainly tests your knowledge in three subjects namely physics, chemistry and maths. The syllabus is vast and the questions are twisted and tweaked in a way that only those who have a thorough knowledge about the subject can answer them correctly and crack the exam to get admission in their dream college. One of the quintessential parts of JEE preparation is solving IIT JEE practice questions. The more questions you answer the better prepared you shall be for your exam. Here is how these questions help you prepare thoroughly for the exam:

Foundation Courses for JEE

Foundation courses for JEEEtoosindia, the pioneer in Online JEE Coaching, understands how important it is to lay a strong base to get through the Joint Entrance Examination. This is the reason why in addition to providing topic-based and year-long courses covering the JEE syllabus, the institute also offers Foundation courses for JEE.

By way of its Foundation courses for JEE Etoosindia provides online coaching for CBSE class IX and X. These have been named Foundation courses as their sole aim is to build a strong foundation for all those of you who are planning to appear for JEE. So if you have set your eyes on the top engineering institute in the country then it is suggested to begin your preparation with the Foundation courses for JEE available at Etoosindia.

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