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JEE Main 2017 Eligibility Criteria

JEE Main 2017

JEE , conducted to select students for undergraduate engineering and architecture courses in premier engineering colleges in the country, is held in two phases – JEE Main 2017and JEE Advanced. Thousands of students appear in this tough competitive examination each year to get entry into their dream college. If you too are one of those who are planning to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination in the coming year then here is all you need to know about the eligibility criteria for the same:

  • Candidates born on or after the 1st of October 1992 are eligible to give JEE Main 2017.

Know More About IITs

Indian Institutes of Technology are top rated engineering colleges in the country, governed by the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961. There are a total of 23 Indian Institutes based in different locations across India including Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Roorkee, Madras, Guwahati, Jammu, Bhubaneswar, Dhanbad, Ropar, Bhilai, Gandhinagar, Indore, Palghat, Patna, Tirupati, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Mandi, Dharwad and Goa. There is a common IIT Council that looks after the administration of all these institutes.

6 Study Tips for Students Who Drop a Year for IIT JEE Preparations

It is tough to decide whether to drop a year for IIT JEE preparation or go ahead with the next best option. However, if you have already had a look at all the pros and cons and decided to give it another shot then keep the below mentioned tips in mind to make the most of the time you have:

Review Your Performance
Now that you have already given the exam once, you know where you stand. Before beginning with the preparation all over again it is suggested to review your examination performance to know your weak areas as well as your strong points. This will help you understand as to which topics require more attention and which ones just need a glance.

An Average Student’s Guide to Crack NEET /JEE Exam

Guide to Crack NEET/JEE Exam

Competitive examinations such as JEE and NEET are tough to crack even for the genius minds and if you have been average in studies then you need to put in a lot more efforts. Here is an average student’s guide to crack JEE/NEET.

Start Early
If engineering or medical line interests you and you are aiming to sit for JEE or NEET it is suggested to start the preparation as you enter your 11th grade. It is essential to give at least 2 years for preparation of competitive examinations such as these.

Three Benefits of Having Class 11th and 12th syllabus for JEE Entrance

The news that JEE entrance curriculum will only include syllabus from class 11th and 12th has come as a relief for the students aiming to sit for this competitive examination. And why not? This will make the JEE preparation much easier for them. Let us learn as to how it will benefit the students in three major ways:

Limited Syllabus
JEE syllabus has always been very vast thereby making the preparation a big task for the candidates. They require learning a wide variety of topics in order to be thorough with the subject. However, with this latest modification the students know exactly where to look for the curriculum and what exactly to cover in order to crack the same.

Attempting JEE Mains Again

Whether to choose another field and go ahead with it or drop a year to focus completely on the JEE preparations? This is one question most engineering aspirants are faced with. While there is no one rule fits all, we shall try to explain the pros and cons of the same so that it becomes easier for you to take the decision.

Computer Science Engineering & Its Scope

Thousands of students aspire to go for computer engineering each year. The field has gained popularity over the last few years and there is immense scope for those who pursue a course in the same from a college of good repute. Read on to know about this course as well as its scope in detail.

Those who have interest in the field of software development, programming and computer science and possess good analytical skills and reasoning ability are best suited for this 4 year long undergraduate course. It includes 8 semesters and each of these is spread across a period of 6 months. Students are imparted theoretical knowledge as well as given practical lab training in each of these semesters. Besides, rigorous industrial training and project work form a part of the last three semesters.

Social Awareness Campaign @ IIT Delhi Annual Fest, Rendevouz

The annual fest at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi, Rendezous 2016 is all set to spread social awareness about the LGBTQ community, body shaming and gender stereotyping. The theme of the event is Pehchaan (identity). These topics are considered a taboo in our society and by picking these for their annual fest this time, IIT Delhi students aim to make people more aware about how people suffer due to certain set social norms.
“Stereotyping — of gender, body or sexual preferences — lowers the youth’s confidence. And anyway, who is to define what beauty is, who one should love or how to behave?”, shared the social coordinator of the fest, Himanshi Gautam.
Each year this esteemed institute does its bit towards the society by picking up a social theme and spreading awareness about the same. Child labour and women empowerment have been among some of the themes picked by the institute in the last few years. Talking about the earlier themes, Gautam shared that those too were relevant but clichéd. “Social campaigns were more of a responsibility than being about engaging with a crowd and spreading a message. This year, we’re pursuing that… something relatable for the youth,” she added.
As a part of this event, the organizers are not just planning to come up with a platform where these topics can be discussed but are also planning to organize a gay parade, anonymous masked confessions, event around acid attack victims, free hugs campaign and cricket match among boys and girls as cheerleaders. The campaign is being promoted as ‘Pride for All’ on the social media. The lead coordinator of the event, Rishabh Sanghi said that by way of this campaign, “we want to tell people that you are who you are, and you should be proud of yourself.”

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JEE advanced 2017 to be conducted by IIT Madras

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced will be held by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras this year. IIT Madras has been given the responsibility to manage the entire process of conducting this advance level engineering entrance test. The institute will not only set the question paper and conduct the examination but will also update and maintain the official portal for JEE Advanced 2017, release the answer keys, declare result and carry out various other big and small formalities involved.

Contribution Of Indians To The Field Of Mathematics

Talk about the contribution of Indians to the field of Mathematics and the name of the famous scholar, Aryabhata would be the first thing to strike your mind. He was one of the first mathematicians from the classical age to contribute immensely to the field of mathematics. He worked on the place value system by using letters for signifying numbers and stating their qualities. Besides, this great mathematician also calculated and mentioned the exact number of days in a year.
Not just Aryabhata, there have been several Indians who have contributed majorly to this field.

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