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How Much Hard Work Needed to Get Into IITs?


Indian Institutes of Technology are the most sought-after engineering institutes in the country. Lacs of students appear for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) to seek admission in these esteemed institutes each year however only a few are able to secure a seat here. This is because a lot of hard work goes into cracking this examination and only a few have the determination to toil hard till the end. Here is how hard you need to work to get into IITs:

What is Your Learning Style?

There are basically three different learning styles. These are visual, auditory and tactile. It is your style that influences the manner in which you comprehend the given information and analyze and resolve problems. If you have been trying hard to learn efficiently but are failing at the same each time then you need to understand as to which is the apt way for you to learn so as to grasp things quickly and retain them for long. Read on to know about different styles of learning and find out as to which one suits you best:

Social Awareness Campaign @ IIT Delhi Annual Fest, Rendevouz

The annual fest at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi, Rendezous 2016 is all set to spread social awareness about the LGBTQ community, body shaming and gender stereotyping. The theme of the event is Pehchaan (identity). These topics are considered a taboo in our society and by picking these for their annual fest this time, IIT Delhi students aim to make people more aware about how people suffer due to certain set social norms.
“Stereotyping — of gender, body or sexual preferences — lowers the youth’s confidence. And anyway, who is to define what beauty is, who one should love or how to behave?”, shared the social coordinator of the fest, Himanshi Gautam.
Each year this esteemed institute does its bit towards the society by picking up a social theme and spreading awareness about the same. Child labour and women empowerment have been among some of the themes picked by the institute in the last few years. Talking about the earlier themes, Gautam shared that those too were relevant but clichéd. “Social campaigns were more of a responsibility than being about engaging with a crowd and spreading a message. This year, we’re pursuing that… something relatable for the youth,” she added.
As a part of this event, the organizers are not just planning to come up with a platform where these topics can be discussed but are also planning to organize a gay parade, anonymous masked confessions, event around acid attack victims, free hugs campaign and cricket match among boys and girls as cheerleaders. The campaign is being promoted as ‘Pride for All’ on the social media. The lead coordinator of the event, Rishabh Sanghi said that by way of this campaign, “we want to tell people that you are who you are, and you should be proud of yourself.”

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Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as the Rakhi Festival, is celebrated with great zeal in various parts of India. It falls in the Sravana month that usually comes in the month of August. This Hindu festival, which is primarily celebrated in the western and northern parts of the country, is celebrated to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. Not many of you may be aware that this pious festival is not just celebrated in India but is also observed in different parts of Nepal and Mauritius.
On this auspicious day, the sisters tie a sacred thread called Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. Several colourful Rakhis of different shapes and sizes are made available in the market days before the festival. A lot of excitement is seen among women who go shopping for these beautiful threads. Many are also seen shopping for new clothes and jewellery to adorn on this special occasion.
The sisters pray for their brother’s health and well being as they tie the knot. The brothers on the other hand vow to protect their sisters from every evil. Rakhi festival is celebrated during the morning hours and the sisters do not eat anything until they tie the sacred thread. As a ritual, aarti is performed, prayers are said and the sisters apply tilak on their brothers’ forehead before tying the rakhi. Both of them then share sweets and brothers present gift to their sisters.
Like various other festivals in India, this one also brings the families together and strengthens their bond.


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How to Manage Your Anxiety Before Exams?

Whether you are about to give your regular school exams or competitive examinations such as JEE or NEET, it is natural to feel anxious and nervous as the exams approach. However, you can overcome this anxiety with little effort. Let us learn how:

Schedule Your Time
You might have covered the entire syllabus however it is still suggested to schedule your time for the remaining days so as to make the most of the time left. Set a time for revising your chapters, giving mock tests and working on your weak areas. Also make sure you know just what you need to give a quick glance to on the morning of the exam.

Best Revision Tricks

Just covering the entire course is of no use if you do not revise it well. Revising your chapters helps you memorize them better and the use of revision tricks mentioned below will help you prepare even more efficiently.

1. Prepare Notes
Keep preparing notes as you study your chapters. Refer to different sources including your guide books, text books and any other study material to prepare these notes. This will help you prepare a ready-reckoner for revision. Penning down information to prepare notes as you study will also help you retain the information well.

3 Simple Vedic Math Tricks

Find it hard to solve maths problems? The Vedic math tricks shared here will help you solve some of your problems with ease. Find out how:

1. Converting Kilometres into Miles

This formula will help you convert kilometres into miles in fraction of seconds. The formula is to divide the number of kilometres by 8 and then multiply the newly derived number with 5. The following example will help you understand this better.

To convert 32 km into miles.
       •  Step 1
          32/8 = 4

       •  Step 2
            4*5 = 20 mile

HRD mulls assisting IIT students in getting loans

Several prospective students and parents have complaint about facing difficulty in procuring loans to pay the IIT fees. This problem is on an all time high and thus the HRD ministry headed by the newly appointed minister, Prakash Javadekar is considering to take certain steps to help them.

“There has been some feedback that the government has received regarding difficulties prospective students are facing in securing interest free loans. However the ministry is trying to ensure that the difficulties are solved,” shared a senior official.

67 of 100 top-rankers flock to IIT Bombay

IIT-Bombay is a hot favourite among the IIT aspirants. No wonder 67 out of the 100 top rankers in JEE opted for this esteemed Indian Institute of Technology this year. The trend was no different last year when 65 of the top rankers paved their way to the Powai campus.
Out of the top 100 rankers this year, as many as 37 belong to the IIT-Bombay zone and thus the institute was a clear choice for them. However, interestingly out of the 30 top rankers from IIT Madras zone only 5 opted for their home zone which means the others gave preference to IIT Bombay.
The result of the first round of seat allotment in IITs, NITs and various other centrally funded technology institutes was released by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) on Thursday. 
IIT-Delhi being the second most sought-after campus saw 28 of the top 100 JEE rankers seeking admission in B-Tech courses this year. There was a drop in the students seeking admission in IIT-Delhi with 30 students opting for it last year. As mentioned above, the remaining 5 candidates went ahead and opted for IIT-Madras. As per the last few years trend, at least 2 or 3 of the top 100 rankers opt for IIT-Kanpur however it was not opted by any of the top candidates this year.
While IIT-Bombay and IIT-Delhi have clearly been given preference by the top rankers various courses in IIT Madras and IIT-Kharagpur have obtained many more applications from the 33,500 candidates seeking admissions this year round. Each of the 1,341 seats at the esteemed IIT-Kharagpur got 224 applications while Chennai saw 221 contenders for each of its seats. At IIT Bombay, there were 161 contenders for each seat and at IIT-Delhi there were 190.

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How To Memorize Things Quicker?

Most of you may think that the key to memorizing things quickly and easily is by repeating them over and over again. Well, while this is a good technique however it is not the only method to memorize things fast. You basically need to hone your skills to recall what you read and that can be done effectively by following the below mentioned tips:

Get Rid of Distractions
As you sit to learn your lessons, the first thing you must do is to remove all the distractions from your sight. Keep your mobile phone at a distance, preferably on silent mode, your television switched off and all the other things that might distract you at bay.

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