5 Tips to Beat Procrastination.

5 Tips to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination can hit anyone anytime! For those who aren’t well versed with what procrastination means, let us try to get it straight. Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing…

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Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed in NEET/JEE Preparation.

How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed in NEET/JEE Preparation

Cracking JEE or NEET is a dream of many but not everyone gets through it easily. Lakhs of students compete with each other every year to be able to secure…

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Strategies for Motivating Students.

Strategies for Motivating Students: How to Motivate Students to Learn

Parents and teachers play a crucial role when it comes to motivating students to learn and prepare for exams. Retaining information for a longer period of time can be quite…

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10 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your JEE Preparation

The road to Crack JEE is not easy! And by now we’re all well aware of it.  Students put in 2 years of tremendous effort to make their ultimate dream…

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Learn Problem Solving Skills

Learn Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is an art. While it requires logic to solve various problems, they must be dealt like an art and solved patiently and calmly. Problem solving skills are something…

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child Motivation

Tips to Motivate Your Child to Learn

Raising a child right is a big challenge for the parents. Gone are the days when kids used to have the privilege of living in a joint family. They leaned…

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Best Habits of Highly Successful Students

Each student in a given class gets the same number of days to study, the syllabus is the same for all and the level of difficulty of the question papers…

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Don’t Fret Over Failing JEE Main 2018; Begin Afresh to Crack JEE Main 2019!

Numerous IIT aspirants appeared for JEE Main 2018 however the dreams of many among them were shattered as the JEE Main 2018 result was out last month. It is quite…

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Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking, a renowned British theoretical physicist, mathematician and cosmologist, was born in Oxford, England on 8th January 1942. His father, Frank and mother, Isobel were both well-educated. Both…

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More Power to Women This International Women’s Day

Women are the building blocks of the society in every way. Women are blessed with the power to give birth, nurture and be calm in every situation. Yet, the irony…

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