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NEET 2017 Preparation

NEET 2017 PreparationNational Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), that replaced the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) last year, is conducted to select candidates for MBBS and BDS courses in medical colleges across the country. Thousands of students appeared for the NEET examination last year and several thousand have registered to appear for NEET 2017. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get through a tough competitive examination such as this. So, all those of you planning to appear for this exam must ensure your NEET 2017 preparation is done the right way in order to get into your dream college.

NEET Result 2017

NEET Result 2017National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), that replaced the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), last year, is held to select candidates for MBBS and BDS courses in medical colleges across the country. Here is a look at the important dates and other related details about NEET Result 2017.

NEET Result 2017 and Other Important Dates

  • Last Date for NEET 2017 form submission: 1st March 2017
  • NEET 2017 Admit Card Release Date: 15th April 2017
  • NEET 2017 Examination Date: 7th May
  • NEET Result 2017 Date: 8th June 2017

Remembering Formulas for CBSE, NEET and JEE

Remembering Formulas for CBSEWhether you are preparing for your CBSE board exams or for competitive examinations such as NEET or JEE, one thing that is common is that you require remembering formulas for CBSE, NEET & JEE.  A host of formulas need to be learned to prepare well for maths, physics as well as chemistry and this often leads to confusion. If you are finding it hard to remember the formulas then the following tips and tricks should come handy :

  1. Write them Down

3 Months Strategy to Prepare for NEET

Prepare for NEET

With just about 3 months left for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2017 it is time for all you medical aspirants to gear up. The time is crucial and you cannot afford to waste a single minute if you really aim to crack the exam. Whether you have covered the entire syllabus or are yet to cover it the last 3 months strategy to prepare for NEET shared below should come handy:

Tips for Making Notes in Competitive Exams – JEE NEET NTSE Olympiads


Revision is synonymous to notes. So, you must prepare your notes the right way so as to revise your lessons properly especially if you are preparing for competitive examinations such as JEE,NEET NTSE or Olympiads. Here are a few tips that should help in making notes for these competitive exams:

1. Write As You Learn
Jotting down points as you sit to learn your lessons does not only help you memorise them faster but also helps you prepare notes simultaneously. Try using this method of learning if you haven’t done it yet.

AIIMS 2017 Entrance Examination Preparation – Subject Wise Tips

AIIMS 2017 Entrance Examination Preparation

AIIMS entrance exam is conducted to select students for different medical courses in the prestigious All India Institutes of Medical Sciences. These are autonomous public medical colleges established to provide higher education. If you are planning to appear for AIIMS 2017 then the subject wise tips shared for the preparation of the same should be helpful:

The physics section is said to be the toughest of all. You need to have a clear understanding of the concepts in order to get through it. If you are thorough with your NCERT then more than half your preparation is done. Besides, the key to score good in this section is to practice as much as you can. Revise and re-revise the theoretical part and solve as many equations as you can to master it.

9 Things to Do in Last Few Days before NEET

preparation for NEET

The preparation for NEET should begin two years prior to the exam and if you really wish to crack it then you must study with dedication from the very beginning. The last few days are however a lot more crucial and must thus be planned more efficiently. Here are 9 things to do in the last few days before NEET:

1. Review Your Syllabus
The very first thing you must do is to review your syllabus so as to ensure that you have covered all the topics.

Want to Become a Doctor? Important Factors in NEET/AIIMS Medical Preparation

Important Factors in NEET

Medical profession is one of the most revered professions around the world. Not only are the doctors respected for their work but are also paid very well. If you are planning to enter this field then you require working very hard. NEET/ AIIMS exams are your entry way to this profession. Here are a few important factors that determine your performance in the exam:

NEET Online Coaching

NEET Online Coaching

National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET) is conducted to select students for various medical courses in deemed medical universities across India. The examination is tough and it requires rigorous training and ample amount of dedication to crack it.
Etoosindia has collaborated with the top faculties from Kota to provide NEET Online Coaching to all you medical aspirants out there. In order to make the video lectures all the more accessible to the candidates living in every nook and corner of the country the pioneer in online coaching has recently launched a mobile server site. More and more students these days are opting for online coaching especially for the preparation of competitive examinations such as NEET and JEE. And when you have institutes such as Etoosindia providing expert guidance right in the comfortable confines of your house then you have all the more reason to opt for this new method of teaching. Here is why you should go for NEET Online Coaching from Etoosindia:

Latest Invention in Science

Scientists across the globe keep trying different permutations and combinations to come up with new inventions. There have been several inventions in the past that have helped us grow as a society and several of them are in the pipeline. Here is a look the latest inventions in science:

Three Dimensional Printing
You can draw in the air by using this unique pen invented by Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue. A colourful spool of plastic thread is inserted into this pen. The thread is extruded as heated plastic that cools down and solidifies as soon as it comes out of the tip. You can draw 3D structures on any surface or from any surface in the air using this pen called 3Doodler. It weighs around 7 ounces and is 7 inches long. Peter and Max have received several advanced orders for this pen.

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