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Never Give Up Never Surrender

It is rightly said, “You only fail when you stop trying”. The key to succeed in life is to never give up and never surrender no matter how tough the situation is. The one who keeps going even amid all odds is the one who makes it big in life. If you are finding it hard to cope-up with a situation and are too tired to give it another shot then the following shall motivate you to keep going:

Remembering Formulas: Tips and Tricks

While learning formulas can be quite a task for most students, some find it quite easy to grasp these small pieces of information. If you are one of those who find it hard to remember formula then here are a few tips and tricks that should come handy:

Understand the formula :-
Many students make the mistake of jotting down all the formulas at a place and mugging them up one after the other. This only creates confusion. It is suggested to understand each formula properly in order to learn it thoroughly.

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