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Pelvic Girdle: Locomotion and Movement  


Pelvic GirdlePelvic girdle is basically a trough-shaped irregular supporting bone. It is placed between the axial skeleton and hind limbs. It is a structure that holds the weight of the entire body, aids in the locomotion process and attaches the lower limbs to the body. Pelvic girdle is attached posterior to sacrum. The sacrum and coccyx make a basin-shaped pelvis. There are two coxal bones in the pelvic girdle. Two halves of the pelvic girdle combine ventrally to give shaped to pubic symphysis that includes fibrous cartilage.

Imbibition: Science

imbibitionImbibition is basically a unique kind of diffusion that takes place when the solids absorb or come in contact with water resulting in huge increase in their volume. An apt example of this would be the absorption of water by the seeds. It is the pressure exerted due to imbibition that the seedlings emerge out of the soil else they might not be able to rise.

Valence Bond Theory

Valence Bond TheoryValence bond (VB) theory is basically one of the two basic theories in Chemistry with the other one being molecular orbital (MO) theory. Both these theories have been developed to use the techniques of quantum mechanics to explain chemical bonding. The valence bond theory mainly traces as to how the dissociated atoms’ atomic orbitals merge to come up with individual chemical bonds when a molecule forms. Molecular orbital theory on the other hand has orbitals that cover the entire molecule.

CBSE Class 12th Board Exam Result 2017

cbse-class-12th-exam-resultCBSE Class 12th Board exam result 2017 was declared on the 28th of May, Sunday. The result was announced after a period of uncertainty due to the board’s decision of doing away with its controversial marks moderation policy. It was originally decided to declare the result a week earlier however a verdict by Delhi High Court demanding the board to retain marks moderation delayed the plan.

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam Results 2017 Declared by CBSE

cbse board exam result 2017The Central Board of Secondary Education declared the class 10 board results on its official site recently. The pass percentage has dipped by as much as 5 percent this year. The pass percentage of Delhi has dipped by a whopping 13 per cent.

The percentage has fallen to 90.95 percent from 96.21 percent last year. Looking at the region-wise pass percentage, Trivandrum has scored the highest pass percentage at 99.85%. Madras stands at the number 2 position with 99.62% and Allahabad stands at the third position with 98.23%.

8 Useful Tips to Score 90+ in Class 10 Board Exams

class-10th-board-examClass 10 board exam is the first major examination in a student’s life. The stream a student will choose and the career path he will eventually tread on depends on the class 10th score to a large extent. Here are 8 useful tips that will help you score 90+ in class 10 board exams:

  1. Clear the Concepts

Make sure your basic concepts are clear. It is only when you are clear with the fundamentals you will be able to understand and learn the topics properly. Never hesitate to clarify your doubts. Read your chapters over and over again, seek help from your teachers as well as your classmates to make sure all your doubts are clear and you are thorough with the concepts.

Interesting Facts of Maths

mathsIf you find maths interesting then the facts shared here will make the subject all the more interesting for you. Maths is all about logic and formula but the interesting mathematical facts shared here will make you think twice even if you are thorough with the Mathematical Concepts and are a genius at applying logic.

Here are 16 interesting facts about maths. Even those who run away from the subject and do not find it interesting would find these fascinating:

  1. A number is divisible by number 3 if the sum of all its digits is divisible by 3.

NEET 2018: Application Form, Exam Dates, Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Neet 2018We know all you medical aspirants out there must be eager to know about the latest on NEET 2018. So, here we are providing complete information about this National Level Medical Entrance Exam. Right from the procedure to fill the application form to the examination date – read on to know all the latest updates about NEET 2018.

NEET 2018 Eligibility Criteria

Let us begin by understanding the eligibility criterion for NEET 2018:

  • The candidate must be 17 years of age as on or before 31st December of the admission year.

How to Keep Balance between NEET and CBSE Board Exams?

balance-between-neet-and-cbse-board-examsCompetitive examinations such as the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) are scheduled just a few days after the CBSE class 12th exams and thus the students require studying simultaneously for both the exams. Both these examinations are crucial and it is extremely important to strike a balance as you prepare for them to ensure thorough preparation. Here is how to keep a balance between NEET and CBSE Board exams preparation:

  1. Set a Schedule

Etoosindia Introduces Doubt Clinic

Etoosindia doubt clinic

Etoosindia is a known name in the online coaching field. The institute has collaborated with some of the best faculties in the industry to provide coaching for Joint Entrance Examination, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and the Central Board of Secondary Examinations.

Millions of students across the country aspire to get into top engineering and medical colleges to pursue courses in these fields however many of them have to give up on their dreams because of the lack of good coaching institutes in their vicinity. Online coaching reaches every nook and corner of the country. By way of providing online coaching, Etoosindia has helped several students nurture their dreams.

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