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JEE Advanced 2018: Evaluation Scheme For Numerical Value Questions

IIT JEE Advanced 2018

JEE Advanced consists of two papers that include 54 questions each. Each of these papers tests the candidates’ knowledge in 3 subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Among other types of questions, there are a good number of numerical value questions. Under the numerical type questions the candidates require solving the questions in their mind or on a rough piece of paper. The final answer derived after the calculations needs to be written in the space given in the answer sheet.

JEE Advanced 2018: Exam Concludes, Student’s Reactions

jee-advanced-2018-exam-concludesAround 2.2 lac students appeared for the stage II Joint Entrance Examination this year. JEE Advanced 2018 was held yesterday that is on the 20th of May. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 were conducted on the same day. The examination was conducted by IIT Kanpur. As is the case each year, JEE Advanced received mixed reactions from the students this year too.

JEE Main 2018 Result, Cut off & Rank List

jee main 2018 resultThe much awaited JEE Main 2018 result has finally been out. The result for JEE Main 2018 Paper 1 was speculated to be out by 11 am on 30th of April however it was delayed by few hours thereby soaring anxiety amid the IIT aspirants. The result was finally out around 6:30 pm. 2, 31, 024 candidates out of the 11, 35, 084 who appeared for JEE Main 2018 have qualified for JEE Advanced 2018. JEE Main 2018 result has been welcomed with joy by the students who have managed to clear this exam. As these students gear up for JEE Advanced which is to be conducted on 20th May 2018, we are here to acquaint with the cut off and rank list of JEE Main 2018.

NEET 2018: PG, SS cut-off percentile reduced by 15%

NEET 2018 PG, SS cut-off percentile reduced by 15%In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Health and Family shared its decision of giving a relaxation of 15% in the NEET PG and NEET Super Speciality (SS) cut-off percentile. The cut-off percentile of both these exams has been reduced by 15%. The decision has been made in an attempt to fill the PG seats and avoid wastage of seats like last year. It is said that around 5% seats in NEET PG and NEET SS remained vacant last year.

NEET 2018 Dress Code and Barred Items

neet 2018 dress codeThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued the dress code and list of barred items for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2018. Candidates appearing for this medical entrance exam must take a note of these points and follow them strictly to avoid any problem on the examination day:

Dress Code for NEET 2018

Here is a look at the NEET 2018 dress code set by CBSE for both male and female candidates:

Dress Code for Male Candidates

  • Light-coloured clothes
  • Jeans/ trousers with half sleeves shirt only

NEET 2018 Question Paper Pattern

NEET 2018 Question Paper PatternIt is important to understand the NEET 2018 question paper pattern properly in order to prepare thoroughly for the exam and crack it like a pro. Candidates who have a clear idea about the examination pattern beforehand have an edge over those who are clueless about the same. So, if you haven’t yet checked what NEET 2018 question paper pattern would be like then read on to find out about it.

NEET 2018 Question Paper Pattern

Here is a detailed look at the NEET 2018 paper pattern:

  • NEET 2018 paper shall be conducted in offline mode that is pen and paper based.

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Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

mers-covMiddle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS- CoV), earlier referred to as the novel coronavirus (nCOV) is a respiratory disease, the origin of which is still unknown. MERS- CoV comes from the corona virus family. It is that family of viruses which is responsible for spreading the common cold. However, this disease is more severe and has even proved deadly in many cases. MERS- CoV is said to be a zoonotic virus. This implies that it can pass from animals to humans beings.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – Signs and Symptoms

Influenza Virus – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Influenza VirusInfluenza Virus, commonly known as flu, is a respiratory problem that occurs because of a virus. There are three types of flu viruses – Influenza A, Influenza B and Influenza C. Types A and B viruses cause seasonal epidemics every winter. The places hit adversely by these viruses are United States and Europe. Type C virus causes mild respiratory problem. It does not cause any epidemic.

A person suffering from Influenza virus has sore throat, cough and sneezing problem. This medical condition is highly contagious. You can incur this problem if an infected person sitting next to you coughs or sneezes. You may even catch this virus by shaking hands with an infected person.

Yellow Fever : Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

 Yellow FeverYellow fever is yet another fever caused due to mosquito bite. It is the mosquitoes belonging to the Haemogogus and Aedes species that cause this illness. Brazil is widely infected with this deadly disease currently. It is a tropical virus disease that affects the kidneys and liver. The virus that causes this fever is known as the Flavivirus. The illness starts suddenly and spreads in the whole body. It causes high fever and damages the cells present in kidneys and liver. When a substantial amount of cells present in the liver die, the liver gets damaged and this leads to jaundice. This is a condition in which the skin of the patient turns yellowish in color. If the patient does not receive proper treatment on time, it may turn fatal.

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