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Importance of Vernier Caliper

Vernier CaliperA Vernier Caliper is a precision instrument. It is designed to gauge the dimensions and depth of different objects. It was introduced in 1631 by French scientist Pierre Vernier. However, it has evolved over the time and become much more useful. This tool is known to measure to a precision of one hundredth of a millimeter and one thousandth of an inch. A Vernier caliper has two sets of jaws – one on the upper portion and the other on the lower portion. It comprises of a fixed main scale and a moving Vernier scale. Vernier calipers mostly show imperial or metric measures. However, some of them measure in both.

What is Dark Reaction in Photosynthesis?

dark reaction in photosynthesisBefore we elaborate on dark reaction in photosynthesis, let us understand as to what exactly is the process of photosynthesis. It is basically a process employed by plants and other organisms for the conversion of light energy into chemical energy. They use sunlight for synthesizing nutrients from carbon dioxide and water. In plants photosynthesis mainly involves the green pigment chlorophyll. It exudes oxygen as a by-product. The energy generated is later released to fuel the activities of the organisms.

Dark Reaction in Photosynthesis

What is Biochemical Engineering?

Biochemical EngineeringBiochemical engineering is basically a branch of chemical engineering that deals with the building and designing of unit processes that include biological organisms or molecules. The study is mainly applied in the pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, biotechnology and water treatment industry. This 4 year degree program is quite similar to chemical engineering or biological engineering. It trains the students in biochemical engineering, biotechnology, microbial and enzyme systems. Here is a closer look at this interesting field of engineering.

Eligibility Criteria for Biochemical Engineering

In order to seek admission in undergraduate biochemical engineering programme a candidate must qualify the following criteria:

Reading Habits that Lead to Success

Reading Habits that Lead to SuccessReading is one of the best habits a person can inculcate. Books indeed are our best friends as they teach us a lot. Some of the most successful people in this world have one thing in common and that is they read a lot. And almost all of them attribute their success to their habit of reading. While reading in general is great however there are particular reading habits that lead to success. Let us learn about these in brief:

  1. Begin With What Interests You

Vacant Seats at IITs Touch a 4 Year High

Vacant Seats at IITs Touch a 4 Year HighEven as the Institutes of Information Technology (IITs) continue to be the most sought after institutes for engineering and architecture courses in the country, the number of vacant seats across these institutes has touched a four year high. As many as 121 seats across IITs remain vacant this year. Even after seven rounds of admission these seats have been left unfilled. The figure increased substantially since 2014 that witnessed only 3 vacant seats. In the year 2015, 50 seats remained vacant across IITs and in 2016 there were 96.

Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi

Department of Textile Technology, IIT DelhiIndian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT D) is one of the most sought after engineering institutes in the country. Among the various courses being offered here is engineering in textile technology. The Department of Textile, IIT Delhi is known to have an interesting history. It is known for offering various advanced courses, having an impeccable infrastructure and a pool of learned and experienced faculty members. Let us learn about this esteemed department in detail.

History of Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi

Etoos Demo Video Lectures

etoos demo video lecturesEtoosindia is known for providing high quality online video lectures for the preparation of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET). JEE is conducted to select students for engineering and architecture courses in the top engineering colleges across the country. It tests your knowledge in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. NEET is conducted to select students for medical courses in both private and government medical colleges in the country. It tests your knowledge in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Biology Study Material for NEET/AIIMS

biology study material for NEET/AIIMSNational Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) are both medical entrance exams. These are conducted to select students for medical courses. NEET selects students for MBBS and BDS courses in various government and private institutes across the country. AIIMS, on the other hand, selects students for medical courses in AIIMS Delhi, Bhubnaeswar, Bhopal, Rishikesh, Raipur, Jodhpur and Patna. Both the exams test the candidates’ knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and are tough to crack.

Preparing for 2018 Medical Entrance Exam

2018 Medical Entrance Exam2018 Medical Entrance Exam or NEET 2018 is likely to be held in the first week of May. Like each year numerous candidates are expected to appear for the exam. The competition is tough. However, you can get through it with proper guidance and a good amount of hard work. Read on to know how to prepare the right way to enter the best medical college in the country.

WBJEE 2018: Admit card, Exam Pattern, Syllabus & Result

WBJEE 2018West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination is held to select students for engineering and technology, architecture and pharmacy courses. This examination is exclusively held to select students for universities, self financed institutes and government colleges in West Bengal. For all those planning to appear for WBJEE 2018, here is all you need to know about the upcoming examination:

WBJEE 2018 Admit Card

The information brochure for WBJEE 2018 shall be available in the 4th week of December 2017. The application process for the examination is likely to begin from the 1st week of January 2018.

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