CBSE files police complaint

The CBSE got a quite a scare on the night of July 24, when it received an email claiming that the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) question paper might have been leaked. Considering that AIPMT was to be conducted just 12 hours later, the central board panicked, more so because the July 25 exam was a retest after the previous one was scrapped by the Supreme Court over a cheating scandal. Sanyam Bhardwaj, officer on special duty (OSD) of AIPMT, said, “The first mail was received around 8.30pm on the eve of the exam. We filed a police complaint after receiving two mails from separate persons claiming the same thing.” 

The exam was, however, conducted successfully amid high security on the scheduled date, but police investigations in the alleged leak continue. 

While the senders of the two emails have not hid their identity and admitted that they had indeed sent the mail, they are not cooperating fully with CBSE. Bhardwaj told TOI that the problem came when these two did not disclose their sources. “Those two refused to share with us where they had got the paper leak information from. It was extremely crucial for us to know the source, without which we could not act. Since the email senders would not talk to us we handed over their details to the police through an official complaint.


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