CBSE Sample Papers for IIT-JEE Preparation

CBSE Sample Papers for IIT-JEE Preparation.

If you are preparing for IIT JEE chances are that your teachers and seniors must have already stressed much about the need to solve JEE sample papers and take JEE mock tests. But did you know that solving CBSE sample papers is as much essential to prepare thoroughly for IIT JEE? Surprised? Well, the following points should explain this:

  1. Strong Base

Many of the topics in the JEE syllabus are from CBSE class XI and XII through their level of difficulty is much higher. Testing your knowledge by solving CBSE question paper regularly will help build a strong base which is extremely essential.

  1. Complete Solutions

Unlike JEE sample papers that provide one-word answers to all the questions asked, the Ncert sample papers include comprehensive answers for all the questions just as the students are expected to answer in the CBSE exams. So, if you get stuck somewhere or are unable to get to the right answer while solving numerical you can go through the solution to understand as to how it is derived.

  1. Simultaneous Preparation

Solving CBSE board question paper does not only help you prepare thoroughly for your JEE examination but simultaneously prepares you better for your CBSE exams that are all the more crucial. So unlike the JEE sample papers, the CBSE sample papers prepare you for both the exams simultaneously.

CBSE sample papers.

  1. Time Management

Solving the CBSE model paper for JEE preparation helps in managing your time better during the exam as well as during the preparation process. As mentioned above, when you choose to solve CBSE model question paper you prepare simultaneously for JEE and CBSE exams which means you are focusing on the preparation of both the exams at the same time and hence managing your time more efficiently. Secondly, as you solve more and more sample papers you build speed and are able to manage time better during the exam.

  1. Increased Confidence Level

As stated above, solving CBSE exam paper builds a strong base and you are bound to feel more confident about taking up tests when your fundamentals are clear. As you solve more and more questions by taking up more tests your confidence level increases further.

  1. Accuracy

Just like the JEE sample papers, CBSE sample papers also help in building accuracy. By solving these papers over and over again you hone your analytical and problem-solving skills and gradually master the art of solving the questions accurately.

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