Challenges Faced by India Education System

While Indian youths are making it big in various sectors across the globe, back home there are numerous loopholes in the education system. The education system in our country faces several challenges owing to which many deserving students are deprived of the kind of education they should get. Let us learn about these loop holes in detail:

1. Lack of Practical Knowledge
The Indian education system does not give exposure to practical knowledge. The syllabus in schools and even in colleges is majorly theoretical and thus does not impart the kind of knowledge a student requires when he goes out in the market.

2. Lack of Research
It is very essential to hone a student’s research and analytical skills as this helps in developing the problem solving ability which is extremely essential as he goes out and ventures a career. This is the reason why our country sees lack of technological innovation. Our engineering students are more comfortable taking instructions and working as per them rather than creating or innovating something on their own.

3. Outdated Syllabus
The syllabus must be revised from time to time in order to cater to the present needs however it is seldom done. The technology and science has advanced at a rapid pace over the last few years however the higher education in our country has not been revised accordingly.

4. No Focus on Personality Development
Our educational institutions focus only on academics which is again wrong. A student’s all round development is very essential in order for him to become successful. Personality development should be a part of the school curriculum but it is not.

5. Reservation
One of the biggest loopholes in our education system is the reservation system. It bars the entry of the bright students to good educational institutes and gives way to the non-deserving lot.

6. Extremely Expensive
Education in our country is becoming more and more expensive by the day. Right from admission in the nursery class to seeking higher education – it has become a challenge for the families to provide education to their kids in reputed educational institutes owing to the hike in their

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