What is Computer Science Engineering & Its Scope

Computer Science Engineering & Its Scope

Thousands of students aspire to go for computer engineering each year. The field has gained popularity over the last few years and there is immense scope for those who pursue a course in the same from a college of good repute. Read on to know about this course as well as its scope in detail.

Those who have an interest in the field of software development, programming and computer science and possess good analytical skills and reasoning ability are best suited for this 4 years long undergraduate course. It includes 8 semesters and each of these is spread across a period of 6 months. Students are imparted theoretical knowledge as well as given practical lab training in each of these semesters. Besides, rigorous industrial training and project work form a part of the last three semesters.

Some of the main subjects studied under this course include Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Graphics, Mechanics of Solids, Communication Skills, Basics of Civil Engineering, Elements of Electrical Engineering, Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Programming and Utilization, Environmental Science, Electronics and Semiconductors, Logic Design, Compiler design, Database Management, Data Structure and Management, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Operating System, Computer Networks, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Graphics and Multimedia, Web Technology and Advanced Java, Management.

After pursuing computer science you may go ahead and specialize in different fields such as cyber security, application development, networking, CAD, etc. One can go for a diploma or choose to enrol in M. E. or M. Tech degree programs to specialize in these fields. It is also a good idea to go for MBA after pursuing B. Tech in Computer Science.

One may even head for a job after completing the undergraduate course in Computer Science. Various posts including that of a software engineer, project manager, application developer and software tester await these graduates in both private as well as government sectors. The field is lucrative and thus one can expect a good pay package. Need to know more About Engineering College Entrance exams Please Visit: https://bit.ly/2NhRpti

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