Conquer Your Exam Fear by Following These Tips

Exam-tipsExamination time is tough to handle for most students. Be it your CBSE board exams or competitive examinations such as JEE or NEET, as the examination date approaches the fear and anxiety among the students increases. This hampers their ability to concentrate and has a negative impact on their performance. Shared below are a few simple yet effective tips to conquer your exam fear:

  1. Do Not Feel Pressurized

Your teachers and parents have a lot of expectations from you and this builds a lot of pressure. They will constantly keep reminding you to work hard and outshine your peers. The key is to take their advice positively and give in your best shot rather than feeling scared or pressurized because of their expectations.

  1. Do Not Compare

You may have friends who perform better than you. Constantly comparing yourself to them would only bring disappointment and add to your fear and anxiety. You must appreciate your uniqueness. And while you must work hard and have a competitive spirit never get bowed down by the performance of other students. Keep working harder to attain better results.

  1. Focus on the Process not the Outcome

The anxiety and fear about the result often hampers your performance. In order to perform well you must focus on the preparation process rather than on how much you will ultimately score or how much you should score. Channelize all your energies into learning well and doing your best in the exam. Stop worrying about the outcome.

  1. Indulge in Physical Activities

Physical activities such as jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, yoga and the likes promote the growth of endorphins that help combat stress, anxiety and fear. It is thus suggested to take out some time from your schedule every day to indulge in such physical activities.

  1. Meditate

Meditation helps you look within and calm your fears. Take out some time each day to meditate. It will not only help you overcome your fears but will also boost your power to concentrate and retain your lessons well.

  1. Begin Early

A lot of stress and anxiety builds up when you are not well-prepared for your exam. In order to prepare well, you must begin your preparation early. It is best to keep learning your chapters simultaneously as you study them in your class.

  1. Seek Counselling/ Guidance

If you are unable to cope with your stress and fear even after following the above mentioned, it is suggested to talk to your parents or teachers to seek guidance in this regard. Don’t keep fighting alone.

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