Preparing notes makes the revision and re-revision process a lot simpler and less time consuming. No matter for which exam you are studying our suggestion is to keep jotting down notes that you can run through later. You need to keep a few things in mind in order to come up with good notes. Here are a few tips for those of you preparing notes for IIT JEE 2016.

Keep it as Simple as Possible
Your notes should be such that you understand them in a glance. It is thus suggested to write them in your own language rather than using the same bookish language which takes time to comprehend. Use slangs, codes or abbreviations wherever you want. At places you can even use image descriptions if that is easier for you to retain.

Collate Information
You must collate information from your course book, guide books as well as the notes taken down during your coaching class to prepare informative notes. This way you will prepare all inclusive notes so you wouldn’t have to look elsewhere while revising.  

Be Precise
Even as you pick information from different sources, make sure you do not prepare notes that are very lengthy. Read and understand the text and then jot down the crux of it. It is best to make pointers. Anything written point wise is certainly easier to understand and grasp as compared to that written in a lengthy paragraph form.

Give Special Attention to Formulas
Formulas are something that you need to learn as it is. You cannot summarise them. These are also the most important part of the course as you would be able to solve the problems only if you are thorough with the formulas. We suggest you to write them on a chart paper and stick them on your desk. Keep reading them time and again so that these are on your tips.

Maintain a Good Handwriting
You wouldn’t like to go back to something that is messy and not written well. This is why it is important to write your notes in a good handwriting. Notes written in a good handwriting are always easy to understand. Use different coloured pens to write the headers and sub-headers or write these in capital letters and underline them so as to make the information more organized.

Highlight the Important Part
You would want to shorten your notes further as you revise and re-revise them. You can either rewrite them or highlight the important parts that you can run through quickly a night before the exam.

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