Did I Make The Right Choice By Not Joining a Dummy School?

Dummy School.

Many students preparing for competitive examinations such as NEET and JEE opt for dummy schools during XI and XII standard in order to devote more time to studies. Several others continue with their regular schools, join coaching classes and study simultaneously for their CBSE Exams as well as their entrance examinations. Now, the question is whether joining a dummy school really helps?

What are Dummy Schools?

Before we identify whether or not one should join a dummy school, let us understand what these schools are all about. Dummy schools are basically those schools that give you attendance even if you do not attend the classes. You just require going to the school once a week or so.

Is Joining a Dummy School a Good Idea?

It is true that the students preparing for CBSE board exams and entrance examinations such as JEE Main & Advanced  or NEET need to invest a lot of time in studying. Much of their time is wasted in commuting from one place to the other and they end up with very little time to study during the day. Dummy schools definitely provide greater number of hours to study however they rob these students of a number of things and are not considered to be a good option. Let us learn why it is a bad idea to join these schools:

  1. Lower Productivity Levels

One of the first things you need to understand is that increasing your number of study hours doesn’t necessarily mean increasing productivity. In fact, when you continue studying for greater number of hours, your productivity is likely to lower down. This is because the process lowers your power to concentrate.

  1. Hindrance in All Round Development

Secondly, you need to understand that these schools cause a hindrance in your all round development. Class XI and XII are not just about academics. These are also those years when you are in your mid-teens and have much to explore in the outside world. Sitting at home with your books all day long can hamper your growth.

  1. No Friends/ No Rejuvenation

It is that phase of your life when you make lasting friendships. You can build such bonds only when you go to a regular school. A dummy school wouldn’t give you this privilege. Going to school regularly, meeting friends, having discussions with teachers, going for school picnics and other such activities that are a part and parcel of the school life also help in rejuvenating. Rejuvenation is of utmost importance as it keeps the mind fresh and healthy.

  1. Loneliness and Depression

You may like the experience of joining a dummy school initially as you will get greater number of hours to study. However, sitting for long hours with your books will gradually lower your focus which in turn will decrease productivity and increase the stress level. Many students begin to feel lonely and even get into depression eventually.

  1. Decreased Confidence Level

Confining yourself to your home and books will only make you a book worm. Some of you may stay determined and focus on your studies by using different means as you join a dummy school. This way you may be able to perform well in the written tests but are likely to fall short when it comes to group discussion and interview. This is because staying alone immersed in the books can decrease your confidence level when it comes to public speaking.

So if you are confused whether you made the right choice by not joining a dummy school then the answer is yes!

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