Early morning studies are better than late nights

         Indecisive about whether you should study until late at night or get up early in the morning to prepare for your exam? Well, this is one question that haunts most of the students. While the best time to study largely depends on the personal preference of an individual, many theories prove that early morning studies are better than late night. Let us learn why?
Fresh Mind
Your mind is fresh after taking a good night sleep. It is sharper at this time and can absorb more information as compared to other parts of the day.
Less Distraction
It is that time of the day when there is no hustle and bustle on the roads outside and also the time when most members of your family are likely sleeping. There is thus little or no distraction during this time. So you can study uninterrupted.
Better Concentration
As per our ancient science, Ayurveda, the level of concentration is maximum during the Brahmi Muhurtha that is around half an hour prior to the sunrise. It is actually true since your mind and body are both relaxed and fresh and you exude more energy during this time.
Coaching and other Activities
If you have already finished studying your lessons as per your schedule early in the morning then you can carry on with the other plans you have for the day without any worry. Early morning study is especially good for those of you who need to attend coaching classes or indulge in exercise as it is difficult to sit and concentrate after all this when your body is exhausted.

However, having said that we would also like to mention that not everyone has a good control over his/her wake up time. If you cannot wake up early and are already following your late night schedule efficiently then do not force yourself to change it!

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