Effective plans for studies: How to make one?

study-plansWhether you are preparing for your CBSE board exams, IIT JEE, NEET or any other exam, you shall be able to prepare thoroughly only if you device an effective plan. If you plan wrong the steps that follow cannot go right either. Here are a few tips on prepare a simple effective plan to study efficiently.

  1. Know Your Syllabus Right : It goes without saying that in order to draft an effective study plan you must know the syllabus. Get in touch with your teachers to know the syllabus or look for it on the internet. Cross check it before drafting your plan.
  1. Prepare a List of the Topics : Prepare a list of all the subjects you require preparing for your upcoming exams. Next, prepare a list of all the topics that fall under the subjects you require preparing for. Now, segregate the topics based on their level of difficulty.
  1. Draft a Study Plan : Now that you have the syllabus as well as a comprehensive list of all the topics handy, it is time to draft a study plan. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Your goals must be achievable. If you aren’t able to attain them even after pushing yourself to the limit then revise your plan.
  1. Begin with the Easier Topics : It is suggested to start with the easier topics first. This is a good way to stay motivated. Starting with the tough ones may keep you stuck and you might end up feeling dreary and de-motivated.
  1. Prioritize Your Tasks : You might have planned to learn or revise your topics at a particular time of the day however on certain days you might get more than the expected amount of homework or other assignments to prepare. You must prioritize your tasks accordingly.
  1. Prepare a Daily To-Do List : Though you have a plan handy, it is still suggested to prepare a do-to-list at the beginning of each day and stick to it. Check all that you have done at the end of the day.
  1. Prepare Notes : Refer to different guide books and text books and keep jotting down the important points from them to prepare your notes. These notes must be all-inclusive.
  1. Revise Regularly : Revise your lessons regularly and at that time of the day when you can concentrate best. Always refer to your hand-written notes for revision.
  1. Give Mock Tests : Give mock tests to assess your knowledge and also to enhance your speed and manage your time better during your exams.
  1. Go for Online Coaching : Go for online coaching especially if you are preparing for your CBSE boards and competitive examinations such as JEE or NEET simultaneously. This will help you manage your time more efficiently.

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