Effective Techniques to Get More Work Done in Less Time

Managing time efficiently is an art and one who masters it certainly has an edge over the others. If you have been trying hard to manage your time in a way that you are able to do more work in less time but are failing constantly then the below given tips should come handy. This should especially benefit students who are planning to appear for competitive examinations such as IIT JEE and their CBSE exams simultaneously as every second counts for them.

  • Spot an Appropriate Place
    The importance of spotting an appropriate place to sit and work or study is often underrated however it is actually pretty importance. Since you need to concentrate and put in your 100% in the task you are doing it is essential for you to be at a place where you can channelize all your energies in the right direction and mind you, you cannot do that sitting just anywhere. So identifying the best place to study is the first thing you must do.
  • Identify Your Study Hours
    You may have heard some people saying that they can concentrate better during the early morning hours while others may be able to put in their best efforts during the late evening hours and then there may be yet others who might find it easier to concentrate well during the day. In order to do more in less time, it is a must for you to identify that time of the day when you can concentrate best.
  • Keep Your Surroundings Tidy
    Sitting in a chaotic place is likely to cause hindrance in your studies. Make sure you tidy your study table, bed and the other surroundings and then begin studying. This would not only save time in finding various things required to accomplish your task but also help in developing a positive environment which is apt for studying.
  • Keep Distractions at Bay
    The first thing that you must do as you sit to study is to keep your mobile phone at a distance. Also make sure you do not turn on your TV or surf your social media account during the time set for studying. These are the biggest distractions these days and you must stay away from these in order to increase your productivity.
  • Prepare a Schedule
    It is suggested to prepare a schedule and stick to it diligently. Keep your syllabus as well as various other commitments in mind as you sit to prepare the schedule. It is suggested to set different time slots for writing assignments, leaning new chapters, giving mock tests and revision. Preparing a workable schedule will help you set a good routine and manage your time efficiently.
  • Eat Well
    The necessity to have a balanced diet full of various micronutrients has been stressed upon time and again and if you still haven’t taken it seriously then it is time you should.
  • Sleep Well
    Neglecting sleep can hamper your work to a large extent. It is essential to sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night so as to wake up fresh the next morning and give your 100% to your work.
  • Exercise
    It is also important to squeeze in 30-40 minutes to exercise each day. It helps in keeping stress at bay and improves your power to concentrate thereby increasing your productivity.

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