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Electrical Engineering IIT BombayIIT Bombay is one of the most sought after Indian Institutes of Technology. It is known for excellence in various departments. Electrical engineering is one of them. Several students aspire to pursue electrical engineering from IIT Bombay each year however only a few manage to secure a seat here. Here is a look at what the department of electrical engineering IIT Bombay has on offer:

Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay – The Largest Department

The Electrical Engineering department at IIT Bombay, established in the year 1958 is one of the largest departments in the country. There are close to 1100 students enrolled in different academic programs, around 200 project employees in various sponsored projects, around 60 faculty members and approximately 30 technical and administrative staff members each.

Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay Programs

Let us now take a look at the various electrical engineering undergraduate and post graduate programs at IIT Bombay:

Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engineering)

This is a four year undergraduate course comprising of eight semesters. B. Tech in Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay is known to be one of the top rated undergraduate engineering programs in the country.

BTech with Honours

Besides the usual B. Tech curriculum, students can undertake additional courses to enhance their knowledge. A student earns honours degree in Electrical Engineering by completing 30 credits from a list of set courses.

Dual Degree Program

This is a five year integrated program that offers B.Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Technology (MTech). Presently, dual degree program is given in two specializations:

  1. Where MTech is awarded in Microelectronics
  2. Where MTech is awarded in Communications and Signal Processing.

Master of Technology (MTech)

Master of Technology (M Tech) is offered in five research areas:

  1. Communications Engineering (EE1)
  2. Control and Computing (EE2)
  3. Power Electronics and Power System (EE3)
  4. Microelectronics and VLSI (EE4)
  5. Electronic Systems (EE5)

A student can pursue M Tech in either of the following ways:

  1. Full Time M Tech which is a two years course
  2. Part Time which is a three years course

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

This is a flagship program of the department’s research. All the PhD scholars contribute towards the research activities held in the department. PhD programs are available in all five specializations mentioned for M Tech.

Dual MTech+PhD Program

The students can also seek admission in dual degree (M. Tech + Ph D) programs.

Research Areas

The department of electrical engineering IIT Bombay is actively involved in research areas. Research here involves everything from theoretical analysis to practical implementation. These researches are funded by various national and international funding agencies. Here is a broad classification of the areas of research:

EE1: Communications and Signal Processing

EE2: Control and Computing

EE3: Power Electronics and Power Systems

EE4: Microelectronics and VLSI

EE5: Electronic Systems

Faculty Members: Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay

The department of electrical engineering at IIT Bombay includes a pool of learned and experienced faculty members. The faculties here have received various prestigious awards in the field of education such as Prof. SVC Aiya Memorial Award, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Research Award, Prof. K. Sreenivasan Memorial Award, Shanti, Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, Ram Lal Wadhwa Award, Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship and INAE Young Engineer Award to name a few.

Many of the faculty members that form a part of this department are editors of IEEE and various other popular journals. They are also Fellows of esteemed organizations such as IETE, NASI, INSA, IEEE, INAE and IASc.

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