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This topic helps students to prepare in right direction that are required to take on the JEE Main +     Advanced. essential for JEE Main & Advanced Exam preparation.  The solids are the substance which have definite volume and definite size. The intermolecular distances in solids are short and intermolecular forces are strong. Solids are almost imcompressible.The study of properties and structure of solids is important subject for the scientists.

Syllabus :->

  • Classification of solids, Crystal lattice & Crystal systems, Unit cell & its types
  • Analysis of unit cells
  • Practice questions, Close packing of spheres in one-dimension & two-dimension
  • Packing of Sphere in 3-D, HCP and FCC arrangement
  • Interstitial Voids, Location of Octahedral and tetrahedral Voids, Calculation of Radius Ration
  • Structure of Rutile Corundum, Fluorite, Antifluorite, Pervoskite, Defects in Solids, Schottky & frenkel defects
  • Non – Stoichiometric defects, Electrical Properties of Solids,                                                         Magnetic propeties of solids.

Demo Video :->

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