Evaluate Yourself for IIT JEE Advanced 2016

With IIT JEE Main and Advanced being just a few months ahead, it is time to stop grasping any new information and begin your revision to brush up on all that you have already learned. It is also the time to evaluate yourself. Let us learn as to why it is important to evaluate yourself and how to do it the right way!

Why Evaluate Yourself?
If you are planning to sit for IIT JEE Advanced 2016, chances are that you have already covered the entire course by now. As important as it is for you to revise the entire course at this crucial time, it is equally vital for you to evaluate yourself. Assessing your knowledge is essential as this would help you figure out as to where you lack. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you devise an effective study plan as you will know which topics demand more time and which ones just need a quick glance. This will help you prepare better.
How to Evaluate Yourself?
You can evaluate yourself by taking mock tests, solving sample papers or previous years’ exam papers. Let us learn about these in detail:
  1. Previous Years’ Papers: It is highly recommended to go through the previous years’ IIT exam question papers in order to learn about the examination pattern and understand as to how the questions are twisted and turned to test your ability. However, just going through these is not enough. Try to solve these to know where you stand.
  2. Mock Tests: JEE mock tests such as that available at Etoosindia are one of the best ways to evaluate yourself. These have been set by the industry experts keeping the JEE advanced pattern in mind. Solve as many of these as you can to test your knowledge. Solving these in the stipulated period of time will also help improve your speed.
  3. Sample Papers: JEE sample papers also cover several questions based on the JEE Advanced pattern. Solve these to know how much you have grasped and how much you still require learning to be exam ready.

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