Extra Boost for Scoring High in Exams

          So you are planning to sit for JEE 2016? Chances are that you have already covered the entire syllabus and started with the revision part by now. If yes, then you are on the right track. In order to be thorough with your subjects it is essential to revise and re-revise each topic several times at this crucial point. In addition to this, the following can give a boost for scoring high in your exams:

Mock Tests
Etoosindia.com provides online mock tests designed as per the JEE pattern. Try to solve as many of these as possible within the stipulated time in order to enhance your speed as well as understand as to where you lack.

Study Material
IIT JEE study material available at Etoosindia.com is all inclusive and is written in a language which is easy-to-understand. Go for this study material to ease your revision process.

Sample Papers
Go through the JEE sample papers to get a better idea of the examination pattern. Solve these in these last few months to test your knowledge and brush up on the topics you are still weak in.

Previous Year Paper and Solutions

Get the first hand knowledge and experience of the JEE exam by going through the previous year papers. You get these solved and that too at no cost at all at Etoosindia.com.

Video Lectures

Video lectures are also a great way to boost your score. Studying continuously from the books can be quite tiring. IIT JEE video lectures, especially those available at Etoosindia, are much more engaging and keep your interest alive for long. These also help you grasp the information more easily. There are many free online video lectures available on Etoosindia.com. Make the most of them to prepare efficiently for your exam.
All these will help you prepare better and give you an edge over the other students appearing for this tough entrance examination!

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