It is rightly said, “You only fail when you stop trying”. In life you might be faced with failure at various steps however the key is not to give up. Keep trying over and over again and you will certainly achieve your goal. As a student, you may especially have to face various challenges and might fail many a times. Coping up with the same is difficult at this age but it certainly is not impossible.

With the growing competition these days, there is a lot of pressure on the students. Both teachers and parents want them to perform well and outshine their fellow students. The need to win and be at the top is embedded so deeply in these young minds that they just don’t understand how to handle failure. It is disappointing to see how school/ college going kids commit suicide because of failing an exam or due to failure of coping up with the pressure of undergoing a tough competition. Somewhere, the parents and teachers are responsible for such acts. While everybody wants to see their children win, it is to be understood that pressurising your kids constantly and comparing them with others is one of the biggest mistakes you make. You must build good competitive spirit in your kids so that they are able to take both success and failure in their stride and keep moving.

As a student, you must understand that failure is an external event it does not define you. It is not a part of your personality it is just a part of your journey.

Always remind yourself that the end of the world.

Remember! Success and Failure are both a part of your life. Don’t let success get to your head or failure dither you from trying again.

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