Famous Indian Mathematicians and Their Contributions

Indian mathematicians

Indians are known to have contributed immensely in the field of mathematics. Our country has seen several great mathematicians including Ramanujan, Aryabhatta, D. R. Kaprekar and Brahmagupta. Let us have a closer look at some of the famous Indian mathematicians and their contributions.

1. Brahmagupta

Author of two of the early works on mathematics he was the first Indian mathematician to state rules for computation with zero. Besides, he gave solution for the general linear equation and solved systems for simultaneous indeterminate equations among some of his other main contributions.

2. Bhaskaracharya

Bhaskaracharya, also known as Bhaskara II, is known to have worked further on Brahmagupta’s number system. One of the most celebrated Indian mathematicians of the 12th century, Bhaskaracharya is known for his work Siddhanta Shiromani which is divided into four parts namely Lilavati, Grahaganita, Bijaganita and Goladhyaya. The work includes sections about arithmetic, spheres, algebra and mathematics of the planets.

3. Aryabhata

This renowned mathematician from the classical age of Indian mathematics and astronomy was the first mathematician-astronomer who contributed majorly to the field of mathematics. His major work Aryabhatiya continues to find reference in the Indian mathematical literature. It covered algebra, plane trigonometry, spherical trigonometry, continued fractions, quadratic equations and arithmetic.

4. Srinivasa Ramanujan

This Indian mathematician and autodidact also made considerable contribution in the field of mathematics. His major contributions to the field include continued fractions, Roger-Ramanujan’s identities in partition of numbers, elliptic functions, work on algebra of inequalities, Hardy-Ramanujan – Littlewood circle, partial sums and products of hypergeometric series.

5. R. Kaprekar

Yet another famous Indian mathematician, Kaprekar described various classes of natural numbers. He derived several results in number theory and described numerous properties of numbers. He also discovered the Kaprekar constant that has been named after him. Kaprekar who mostly worked alone gradually became a known name in recreational mathematics circles.

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