Stress is the leading cause of several health problems these days. This so called mental illness is not restricted to a particular age group; it haunts almost everyone these days. Just look around yourself and you will hardly find anyone who is stress-free. It is surprising to know that even toddlers have stress and anxiety issues now days. Stress does not only impact you mentally but also has adverse effect on your physical health. Here are the health related disorders you can incur due to high stress levels.

Heart Problems
The heart rate and blood flow in the body are drastically increased due to stress. Stress also changes the manner in which blood clots in the body and makes you more prone to heart problems.

Stress leads to the increase in blood glucose level that causes diabetes. Most of the cells in the body become insulin-resistant and some of the increased glucose left in the blood leads to nerve and blood vessel damage.

Acute and prolonged stress can increase the stress hormone, cortisol and decrease the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the brain which in turn disturbs the normal working of appetite, sleep and energy. This causes major mood swings and can lead to depression.

Stress and anxiety can not only cause asthma in adults but also in little children. Persistent exposure to stress can worsen the situation. Studies reveal that high levels of stress in parents can lead to the development of asthma in their kids.

People who are stressed either tend to lose their appetite or end up eating more than they should. The chances of developing the later condition are higher and ultimately lead to gaining excessive weight.
Before stress takes a toll over your life, you must get up and take charge of it. Try to curb this problem by using healthy means such as yoga, exercise, meditation, following a healthy diet and catching up on adequate sleep every day.

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