Five Things That Happen When You Don’t Understand What You Are Studying

It is important to understand what you are studying in order to grasp it well. However, there are times when you try to comprehend certain topics but cannot make out much from them and finally end up mugging them. It has also been seen that for some, it is a general practice to cram things without comprehending them. Here is what happens when you study without understanding:

You lose Interest
If you do not understand a topic even after trying to comprehend it a couple of times and simply begin cramming it you tend to lose interest. You feel dull and bored. Your brain constantly urges you to leave that particular topic and move on to the next one. If you encounter two or more such topics in a row then you are likely to feel reluctant to study.

You don’t Retain Anything for Long
When you do not understand what you are studying you simply try to mug it up. However, it is a known fact that mugging up without understanding the actual meaning of the text doesn’t help much. You might remember what you have learnt for a short while but if you are not clear about the concepts you will not be able to retain it for long.

You Waste Time
When you do not understand a topic you tend to read it out repeatedly in an attempt to comprehend it or try hard to mug it up thereby spending a lot of extra time on it. Not only will you end up wasting a lot of time on that particular topic but it will also drain your energy and lower your power to concentrate.

Exam Preparation Freaks You Out
Preparing for the exams will freak you out. Studying for competitive examinations such as JEE and NEET will seem all the more difficult if you prefer mugging up rather than understanding the fundamentals. Following this practice you shall not be able to crack these tough examinations as they require thorough understanding of the subject.

You lose Confidence
You try to understand a certain topic but fail, you seek help from your friends or teachers but are still not able to comprehend it well and finally decide to mug it up without understanding. While you might be able to learn the topic but you will never feel confident discussing about the same in a group as your basic concepts won’t be clear. If this is a general practice you follow then you will tend to lose confidence and may remain confused and unsure about things. You will especially face problem during group discussions and interviews.

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