Games That Increase Your Brain Power

Since ages, students are involved in a number of activities to enhance their brain power. While meditation and yoga are considered to be one of the oldest and most effective ways to boost our mental health and power to concentrate interestingly there are quite a few games as well that can help you achieve this. Here is a look at some of the games that increase your brain power:

Jigsaw Puzzles
A wide variety of jigsaw puzzles are available in the market. This fun puzzle game is a great way to enhance your short term memory. The game that requires you to bring different pieces together to form a complete image is available for people of every age-group. Kids must be encouraged to play this game from an early age itself.

Another game to sharpen the memory, crossword is super fun to play. It does not only help in sharpening your memory but makes you more creative and hones your problem solving skills.

This no doubt is one of the best games to stimulate your brain cells. Each move in this game must be played tactfully and it thus helps in improving your analytical and calculation skills.

Another game to enhance your analytical and calculation skills, Sudoku is played since decades. It also boosts your power to concentrate and enhances your memory.

Video Games
These days a number of games are being designed especially to increase your power to concentrate and improve your analytical skills. You can easily download and play these on your smart phones, laptops or tabs however make sure you don’t get addicted to these as these may cause migraine and have adverse effect on your eyes.

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